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ForeverOB2015 Posts: 90
Hi, I'm just getting my envelopes ready for payments to be made on the day & was just wondering what everyone else tips to the wait staff & the bar staff? I was thinking of leaving an envelope with the co-ordinator with a €200 tip, would it be ok to leave with her & would that be a fair amount?
KristenO Posts: 34
We are also getting our envelopes ready and were wondering the same thing. We were thinking €150.00 for the hotel. I think €200 sounds like a very fair amount. We are not sure of what is expected with regards to the rest of the vendors - are you expected to tip for the hair/make-up/photographer/videographer etc? They are already very expensive :weep What is the norm?
ForeverOB2015 Posts: 90
i don't know what to do, personally i feel like i am already paying so much for most of them vendors, i shouldn't have to tip them? hairdressers & make up maybe a tip? though my (very long term) hairdresser has upped her prices for my wedding package & added a HUGE callout fee, despite only being 10 mins from the salon, i was expecting a callout fee of about 50euro on top of the cost of the hair & was going to get her a meal voucher on top of that, but she is charging 100euro now. that's before i pay for any hair to be done. :duh: :duh: :du :weep :weep :weep
KristenO Posts: 34
Wow, that sounds like an awful lot! My hairdresser is travelling from 1.5 hours away and is charging us €60 for callout fee. But in saying that each up-style is about double what I would normally pay so feels like I'm already paying enough... not sure what is expected though and what people normally do! :eek
Niamhofornow Posts: 18
This is a really good question; personally I’m not intending to tip my vendors as I feel we are paying enough. I would be very interested to see what people are doing for the hotel staff. In one for the many conversations with the coordinator at the hotel, she did mention they had some very generous couples that were so happy with the staff they tipped them €500 upwards. I know for definite I will not be in that category. I would however like to acknowledge the people that will be taking care of our guests on the day.
codenameduchess Posts: 64
No, 200 euro is way too much and I am someone who worked at weddings when in college for years. If any tips were left with co-ordinators, we never saw them and it was very rare that we received tips at all. Normally if we did, it would the FOB or FOG if they were feeling generous at the end of the night. My advice would be to tip staff directly or get someone to do it for you. If you are planning to tip your co-ordinator please hand it to them in person. My OH worked at several upmarket venues as a wedding co-ordinator and he has told me of numerous occasions where couples have told him that they have left a tip for him which he never received. Pretty crap but what can you do.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Never even entered my head to tip anyone, I'm paying callout charges & travel fees left right & centre. Also, the prices are bumped up because it's a wedding so I think they are being paid plenty. If I was a millionaire, maybe but sadly I am not!
KennedyKK Posts: 122
I have heard numerous occasions of a tip being left for wait/bar staff and the manager ''forgetting to pass it on''. It's appalling! I would get one of the groomsmen to tip them directly at the end of the night.
Laura_Whelan Posts: 56
I would imagine the wedding coordinator should be given the tip that night or the next day should you be happy. As already said does it always get passed on? Tipping the bar staff etc I had never thought of at all. Most hotels etc draft in staff for the day and pay them accordingly which you are paying for anyway. Generally bar staff etc are tipped by paying customers so perhaps you would be tipping them twice. That is unless you have a open bar.
Casperlady Posts: 166
I have never heard of anyone tipping staff, it never crossed my mind and isn't something I plan on doing, not given the fact our reception is costing the majority of our budget, we are paying enough with extortionate prices I don't see the need to add to the expense