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Legslove.ie Posts: 39
What please is the acceptable etiquette for tipping haridressers? I always find this situation uncomfortable as due to the expense I usually pay by credit card and slipping a fiver into the stylists hands is alot on top of the overall cost but slipping a few coins seems miserly - just wondering what you ladies do - if you tip how much?
gillette Posts: 1803
I give her a tenner as she does a half head of highlights and my cut so it comes to between 120 and 130 (depending on whether it's one of the months when they do a discount on colour or not). I just see it as part of the price at this point - I've been going to her for years and I'm always happy.
trance Posts: 3129
I just give 2 or 3 euro, I only get my hair cut once every couple of months max and it costs between 30 & 35 euro in a local place, if I was in the city and having colour done as well as cut maybe a bit more, but I know what you mean, a fiver on top of what you've just paid is a lot, I'd nearly begrudge it to be honest >:o)
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
depends what I'm paying - if it's a local trim costing €30, I'd give 2/3euro, if it's a drastic cut and style costing €50/60 I'd give a fiver..
shingai Posts: 53
I've given up tipping at the hair salon I go to as I think it's just too expensive. It costs me €120 for cut, colour, and highlights, and while the same stylist always cuts my hair, depending on how busy she or the salon is, I could end up with up to three different junior staff putting the colour in, washing my hair, blowdrying it etc......I feel bad for them as I know they probably don't earn much, but I just don't have the extra €s to go around tipping them all
happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
I have stopped tipping too because i have yet to see somewhere reduce their prices at weekends to coincide with the downturn. friend of mine back from Turkey where she got her hair washed, blow dried & scalp massage for €8.00 :eek :eek
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Not that I get it done often or anything but I don't tip either in the hairdresser. The last time I got it done was before christmas. I don't have a regular salon. A friend of mine used to do it for me and I'd always have thrown her a few extra quid because I knew she was doing it for half nothing for me anyway but like someone else mentioned the last few times I've gone anywhere I've had one wash my hair, another one put in the colour, another one wash that out, another one cut it and maybe another one actually dry it so there's no way I'm tipping them all and who do you pick if you just pick one?
sunnyside4 Posts: 731
I tip a few pounds but only cause I know other people do. Why do we tip hairdressers? I know people are on low wages in places but surely if a cut and colour is costing £120 then that should also be reflected in the pay for the staff. High price for hair cut = more profit = more ability to pay a better wage- or am I naive? I presume it's a traditional thing where we feel a bit more 'obliged' as it's seen as quite personal, dealing one to one with someone?
zoesmama Posts: 2774
I have stopped tipping anyone at all now except on the now v rare occasion when we go out to eat. I was made redundant in Feb and before this I used to get my hair done once a month / 6 weeks. Now i leave it to every 8 weeks if i can. TBH Tipping is just another in the long line of things that have just had to go.
PrettyWoman Posts: 1233
I used to never tip because I'd pay €150+ for a colour, cut and highlights. I know some of the girls are on low wages but I'm sorry if the salon they work for is charging €150 and they are getting paid so low they need to take that up with the boss. Its not my problem they are on a low wage and the salon owner is raking it in. Also before I was never "loyal" to a particular salon so never really had a good relationship with any of them But now I go to a great local salon who have decreased their prices and I now pay €70 for cut, colour and highlights. And do you know what? Its the only place that i've ever come out always happy with my hair. Anywhere else I always had an issue. So I tip the girl a fiver. To be fair the girl does my colour, wash and blowdry. I hate in the bigger salons (esp Peter Marks) where you pay a lot of money for a cut and they throw a junior on you to blowdry. I'm really happy with the colour and cut the girl does, she always listens to what i want and she is great at picking colour. Also because I think the price is so low I feel I have to tip, but if I wasn't happy I wouldn't tip