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CestMoi Posts: 2162
Ok, I know this has been done before but I just wanted to see people's opinions on tipping. In particular I'm talking about hair dressers and beauticians. I'm not a great tipper myself, started off because I was in college and didn't have the money, but then just got in a habit of not tipping. At the weekend I went to a new hair dresser, and I said I'd better tip, but got myself in a panic then because is €6 enough, is €10 too much? She's around the same age as me, so I didn't want to insult either. She was working on another customer when I had the 2 different amounts in my hands and I was in such a fluster that I left. :-8 :-8 So, do you tip? And what's the normal amount you would give? Do you feel awkward tipping people around the same age / older than you?
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i do tip hair dresser although i know plenty of people that wouldn't. sil is a hairdresser and she says that she really needs her tips to get by so i would feel bad if i didn't. i only tip about 5 or 6 euro though as i think that is enough.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I wouldn't normally tip my hairdresser although in saying that I'm not a "regular" in any one salon. I get my nails manicured quite alot in the same salon & only tip them at Christmas. I would never leave a restaurant without leaving a tip and I really don't know why I do that because sometimes I wouldn't be happy with the food!!!! I think here in Ireland we pay over the odds for services and for me to get my hair done etc... would mean me actually planning to have the money to do so, so I guess what I'm saying is I feel I'm paying enough in the first place? GOD I SOUND LIKE A RIGHT OLD WITCH...... I'm not really though, I promise :-8
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
I would tip my hairdresser too, €5 for a cut but if im getting a colour and cut id give about €10, for my beautician id normally give €5.
mrspants Posts: 4652
In beauticians i tipp about 3/4 a time. In hairdressers i only tipp the Junior who washes hair and makes me lovely tea! the owner does my cut, colour and blowdies etc. Give her a gift at xmas though.
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
I'd always tip my hairdresser. How €5 for a wash and blow dry or a upstyle, but more if I'm getting anything more expensive done. In a beautician, I'm never sure what I should do. I don't normally tend to give them anything. Will tip in restuarants if I'm happy with the service and the food, but won't if I'm not
mrspants Posts: 4652
Restaurants i usually tipp but only if i am happy! Usually am but there have occasions where i haven't.
jen09 Posts: 1390
I would tip my hairdresser cause I go to her on a regular basis; and when I'm just having my fringe trimmed ( I have full fringe which needs trimming every 2-3wks) she doesn't charge me as long as mgr isn't around & she always does great job on my hair. I tip when we eat out but only if we've had good service; if not I won't tip & I will make sure to know manager/hostess is aware I'm not happy with service - I have in the past refused to eat food that has been bad & won't pay for it either. We need to learn how to complain about bad service & people in service industry need to learn to take it & not have a face on them when customers genuinely complain.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I'm crap at tipping too! Neve tip in the hairdressers but not a regular at any salon either. When I got it done before xmas there were 4 different girls who worked on my hair at different stages and a different one again who brought me tea! I feel I paid enough for the cut and colour by itself! I used to have a girl who did it at her house and always tipped her between 5-10 depending on what I was having done. In a restaurant I always check to see if a service charge has been included. If it has then I don't tip unless the food/service has been exceptional. If it's not included then I will leave a tip. Usually 3-4 depending on how many of us was there. If there was 4 of us or more then we would all throw in a few euro or leave them the change from paying for the meal. Sometimes I feel a bit mean if they look like they are expecting a tip but then I just get annoyed. I'm paying plenty for the service so why should I have to tip on top of that. Especially if the service hasn't been up to scratch!
Millicent2 Posts: 51
Do hairdressers and beauticians really rely on the tips? I wasn't aware of that. I find it hard to figure out WHEN to tip. Do you leave the money at the till for the person who did your hair OR do you give it to them directly (but this can mean running down the salon after them)? Any advice from people who work in the industry would be appreciated!!