Tipping the hotel?

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excitementcity Posts: 1007
Hi all Just a quick question. Are you supposed to tip the hotel? If so how much are you expected to tip? Thanks a mil :wv
B2B10 Posts: 80
To be honest i'd never even thought of it. i would have said no but then again i'm not sure. if you tipped the hotel would the right people get it.........i.e. the waitress's barmen working on the night and your wedding coordinator? Sorry i know i'm not much help.
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
I wondered about this and asked hotel was service charge included and they said yes.
excitementcity Posts: 1007
I suppose I was more thinking about the main person on the day and our wedding co-ordinator and stuff.....hmmmm I really don't kno
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
i dont think its necessary. they get paid to bring in the clients and to look after them. maybe go down after the honeymoon and give a small gift of thanks to co-ordinator or anyone that really stood out or went the extra mile on the day, that you notice. think thats what i will do now that its mentioned!! O-O
excitementcity Posts: 1007
thanks a mil mrsjo2b I think that's a really good idea. Thanks for the advice