tips for haggling on single room for H2B?

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macsmissus Posts: 928
H2B sent an email yesterday afternoon to our hotel - he is looking to stay there the night before the wedding. So he emailed them and asked them if they could do him a deal on a single room. They came back with "we can offer you a special rate of €99 for a single room to include breakfast" Is it just me or is this a little stingy of them? he told me about it yesterday evening and is going to email them back with a 'friendly' reminder that we're spending thousands on our wedding the following day and could they not do any better? Are we right to do this??? I think so! :o0
mynameis Posts: 26
Ah now that was stingy of them - Special rate my ar$e. Defo tell them you not happy about it and if thats the best they can do then perhaps there is a B&B near by but sure wouldnt it look bad for the hotel if the groom was seen to having had to stay in a B&B cause the hotel was too expensive! What is the normal rate for a double?
macsmissus Posts: 928
I think a double is €150. I know with single rooms, they usually get a crap deal anyway but I just thought it was a bit stingy seeing as he is the groom!!
luckyinlove08 Posts: 305
Hi Clanegal That stuff really should be complementary. Think of all the good publicity they would get offering that to you for free. I know it’s hard but try to stick to your guns and see if you can get a better deal from them.
Momof2 Posts: 3884
That should be complimentary our organiser said it was the one area where they have unlimited discretion and that its eaier to give rooms as a freebie than to reduce cost elsewhere We got 3 nights free for my hubby and son and on the wedding night we were going to bring our son to our room an the planner offered him his own room FOC if a grandparent wated to stay with him I would haggle alot harder if I were you I'd mention the number of guests that are staying there and the amount of money the reception will cost you. At this stage you do have to be cheeky I was quite embarrassed but as my dad said if you don't ask you don't get.. just smile the whole time!
macsmissus Posts: 928
H2B has emailed them and said something along these lines... We imagined that the room would be more heavily discounted or even as a token gesture given as complimentary, considering we will be spending in the region of x in your hotel for our wedding reception. What gets me is that if he stays there the night before, he will be spending money on food and in the bar etc anyway... so you would think they would be trying to entice him in :o0 will let you's know what they come back with :wv
kitty33 Posts: 111
definately should be free it think
Shells2010 Posts: 22
Hi Just a quick comment re your pricing on the single room my background is in hotels and he should be getting the room for free however if they do not give him the room at a better price go to or or any other website where you can book hotel rooms and price the hotel room. I can nearly guarantee that he will be offered a lower price on the internet and therefore can tell this to the hotel and he should get a better rate. It works 9 times out of 10 for me and realistically you will find the hotel will not be full the night before your wedding and it should not b a hassle to offer you this complimentry - think of the all the negative publicity as both of you will no doubt tell 7 times as many people about this bad experience !!! Hope this helps
macsmissus Posts: 928
hi Shells2010 - thanks for that. :thnk Yeah i actually checked for my date on a few sites like that but they usually put them up around 6 months beforehand so i checked on for a Saturday in July, and single is €102 and double is €112. Not sure why there is little difference between the price. We've told some of our guests to hold off til Sept and use sites like this to book as to book a double with the hotel is €150.
Shells2010 Posts: 22
Hi Yeah it would be better to wait - I think that hotels at the moment are offering excessive prices for hotel rooms as most people would like to stay in the hotel the night of the wedding. I have a friend who is getting married in Galway on a Wednesday night in a 5 star hotel - they are offering a "special " wedding rate of €160 B&B and yet you can book the same room on the internet for €140 B&B so where is the sence and its a Wednesday night so who knows what is going on when they make their pricing decissions !!!