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LittleButtons Posts: 945
just wondering what worked for people to help with MS. i ament getting sick but in the mornings i feel really cr1p and feel like vomitting. its like that hangover sickness you get :o( i never got MS on DD and finding it hard to have it now esp with a toddler. I nearly vomitted in the canteen this monring. that would not have been good. (oh god imagine the mortification) :-8
Lennyx Posts: 242
Hi Littlebuttons, ah poor you hope your doing ok now. For me Lucozade sport lemon & Lime worked wonders. Can't remember who but one of the wollies suggested it. Like you I was never really sick just had that constant nauseous feeling.
preghopes Posts: 468
Like you both had very bad nausea and still have it alot of days just not as bad and generally doesnt last all day and night as it did before. I found sipping on 7 up helped me, and toast. I also found salt and vinegar crisps really helped. Banshee bones were good! Trick is to nibble often at some food, dont let yourself get too hungry or dont fill yourself up too much either. I snacked often but still felt sick after it. But if I wasnt eating often i may have been vomitting all the time. Thjere were some days i just wanted to cry cos felt so bad but it gets better, if even a little bit!
Handymammy Posts: 1086
I agree with the other poster about eating little and often. Trick is to graze all day long, but very difficult not to graze on bad food as I found anything carby makes me feel a bit better. I also find lemon sherbet sweets are good and ginger nut biscuits
Scruffy Bear Posts: 31
I've found a few things that have helped with the queasiness, bananas, very plain biscuits, barley sugar sweets, staying away from anything dairy. I'm still sick most mornings now and nothing works completely for me to stop me being sick but the thing that has worked best has been Lillipops ice pops. I got them at the pregnancy fair in the RDS but I think you can get them from chemists or amazon too. They really settle my tummy and take the nasty taste out of your mouth.
silverlight Posts: 628
Mariettea buscuits, have some in work & I nibble away at them. It def gets worse when you're hungry. I feel your pain, I'm sick as a dog too! Just be careful with the lucozade, I drank that on DS & the consultant thought I had diabetes cos my blood sugar level was so high. When he realised I had been drinking lucozade he gave me such a lecture!!
chicachoo Posts: 13
Hi there I have a few thing that help me with MS Carrs table water crackers (low fat too) Ice-cream Salt n Vinegar taytos Mashed potato dry rice krispies 7up Grated apple Hope this is helpful... I'm hoping the feeling will pass soon too. Making having a social life very difficult as the smells of foods are driving me crazy!!
OAT Posts: 2207
Thank god the nuasea is easing off quite a bit but the things that help me are; Very Strong Tea Toast Ice cream