tired to people saying that I'm "Neat"

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babs76 Posts: 1000
Hi there – i know this is going to sound ridiculous but even though i have a bump (i’m 23 weeks on Thur) sometimes i get really nervous about the pregnancy and wonder if everything is Ok. I think the main reason I’m doing this is coz everyone keeps telling me how “neat and small” I am – now don’t get me wrong, i know that’s a good thing in one way (and I’m sure lots of pregnancy women wished that more people said that to them) but it’s my first baby and sometimes i wish i had a massive bump, at least that way i would know that everything is going Ok – i know it’s different for everyone but I hope i get a growth spurt soon anyone else feel like this?
vonser Posts: 74
I know where you're coming from, but I think people are just trying to be nice, as thats usually what pregnant women want to hear. You're probably not all that neat at all *) Dont worry, at 23 weeks I had a very respectable neat little bump and I had an absolutely mahooooosive bump not long after that. I also used to worry I was too small and it wasnt too long then before I started worrying about being too big :o0 There's always something to worry about when your pregnant... I guess it prepares you for the extra set of worries that arrive with the baby! Hope the pregnancy continues to go well for you & try not to worry :wv
wifetobe Posts: 1438
I had the opposite problem, people asking was I having three :eek My baby was 6 days over and a healthy 9lb 9oz. Your baby is the right size, just for you. By 30 weeks you'll be amazed at the difference... Enjoy the 'neat' compliments....I'm sure you have a lovely cute bump and people need to pass comment :wv
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hey babs, I get this all the time too! I think I'm huge but according to everyone else I'm neat/small/tidy/nothing there. All these things have been said! Now I'm just taking them with a grain of salt. THe comments will start to fade after a while. Once I hit 30 weeks my bump really noticeably expanded! :o0
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I completely understand where you are coming from having had little to no bump until 26wks. The best response I found is " my baby is the perfect size for my body" or "well we're measuring perfectly according to midwives". It works at all stages of pregnancy regardless of what size you are. I got the "wow you're so small" comments until this week and now everyone in work is like "gosh you really have got bigger". Response to that one - "sure at this stage isn't it time baby laid down some flesh." TBH at 34 wks I'd want baby to be putting on some weight! Everyone is going to have a comment so it's best to just either ignore or make some comment back to end the topic.
Ivy F Posts: 2023
It's really difficult to know what to say to someone with a bump. You feel that it would be impolite to ignore the changes (of which they're probably really proud), & at the same time, the majority of women seem to hate being called "huge", as it implies that they're getting big all over... So yes, I have told people in the past that their bump is "very neat", even though it's in fact huge!!!
Nadie Posts: 1111
ooh, I've done that too, told people they're neat, thinking they'd think it was a compliment! But, since getting pregnant, I have decided to never, ever comment on bump size ever again! You can't get it right - no one can with me anyway. Except my friend who told me at the weekend that I have the most perfect bump she'd ever seen. I don't really know what that means, but I took it as a compliment! It's like with a non-pregnant woman, only comment when they are shrinking, NEVER when they are expanding. People are only trying to be nice though, or trying to fill the silence, we all feel we have to comment on everything! You don't mind them and only listen to whatever the docs and midwives say at your appointments. Also, you have a LOT of weight to put on in the coming months, so a big bump now would mean you wouldn't be able to walk at 30 weeks...
petunia Posts: 1626
like vonser, i started off with a little bump but then growth spurts transformed me! I still get 'you're huge!' AND 'you're so neat!' so whats going on there?! Lately when I got any comments I just said 'thanks very much' and smiled. It used to really get to me and I was worried but I think it is usually a case of people just having to say something!
babs76 Posts: 1000
Thanks girls for the replies....as some of you say, there is always something to worry about - i made myself promise that i would be more positive and stop being such a worry wart....it's true though, mammies always worry, it's an imbedded gene!
Gingham Posts: 3014
enjoy the neat comments.. I got them until about 27 weeks and now I am just so big, I don't really get any comments...got one "neat" comment actually at the weekend and i was delighted..but usually all i get now is "when are you due" or "you are blooming"...