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Angel2 Posts: 787
Girls, It's only just gone half nine and can you believe my eyes are closing already! This tiredness is unbelieveable!! At 4pm today in work I actually thought I was going to fall asleep at the desk because I was feeling so tired. Think I'll head off for a shower and then snuggle up with DH & fall into a nice long slumber! :xox :xxx :zzzz:
mad woman Posts: 22106
I used to go to bed after corrie!!!! :o0 :o0
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Hi Angel - I remember that feeling it was horrendous the absolute exhaustion was a killer, but all I can say is it does get better and your energy levels will go up, mine did by around 13/14 weeks my MS left (TG) and I slowly regained some of my energy to actually stay awake past the 9pm news !!!!! :eek :eek Good Luck and take care MrsNoc
Hepburn Posts: 4081
It does ease off. You wont believe how good you feel in the middle trimester.
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
I'm asleep by about 8 every night and sleep right thru... morning sickness lasts all day long and has me wrecked... don't know what I'm going to do when I go back to work cos I'm having a nap around every hour or two at the moment just for 20 -30 mins and I'm still wrecked... sat night hubby made dinner and got a dvd out the dvd was on 5 mins and I was snoring my head off that was about 7.30!! i don't even remember him putting me to bed but I slept until 11 on sunday morning!! Won't be having those sleeps when ba ba arrives
coconuts Posts: 213
Me too - in bed by 9 most nights although had to stay up on Sunday for 24 and Lost - I paid for it yesterday!
irish bride Posts: 558
mrs crazy lady I was exactly like you, never saw an entire film for the first and second trimester at all, always fell asleep half way through it and would ask DH the next day what happened at the end!! Angel2 it does pass I promise, everybody seems to find it passes at different stages but it is lovely when the energy part kicks in!! Just be careful if you are very tired and have to drive home, leave work early then, you need to look after yourself first the job comes second.
Angel2 Posts: 787
Thanks girls, I'm really looking forward to the tiredness passing. Irish Bride you're totally right with saying if I'm tired and have to drive, to leave work early. I really felt the tiredness yesterday afternoon and at this stage I feel like I could easily shut my eyes for an hour, even though I'm sitting at my desk! :o( Ah well, I shouldn't complain really. It is a symptom I suppose! Bring on 9pm tonight when I can get back into bed!! :zzzz: