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koala Posts: 202
Hi girls, We decided last minute to go to Belfast tomorrow night, got a good deal on hotel so booked it. Just looked on the titanic website and it says you need to book tickets in advance and it's sold out for Wednesday and Thursday!! Is there any chance we would get tickets at the entrance. Never thought to check availability before we booked the hotel!!!
shellym12 Posts: 184
Its not likely to be honest, I was up there on the May bank hol and they had been asking people for their tickets before they went inside the door as they were booked out and it was chaos on the inside..... It might be worth ringing them to see if they have had any cancelled?
lulu126 Posts: 1095
We were up there for the Irish dancing world championships on Easter weekend and a group of 6 of us thought we'd chance it for tickets. We didn't get in but they told us it was only because a huge coachload had just arrived and taken the last of the tickets so it might be worth a go if you try. Would've thought you should be ok if you're not going on a bank holiday.
ianstuart Posts: 1947
Give them a call because they might have a few free spots. I think the tour starts every 30 - 40 mins. Hubby and i went last month and we really enjoyed it. It takes about 2 hours to get around it and after you can finish it all with a nice coffee :xxs
McLisa Posts: 1815
i personally didnt find it that good, i expected more relics or pieces or whatever you want to call them from the actual titanic...few months back there was an exhibition at the Ulster folk and transport museum and it had the largest collection of titantic artifacts and it was fantastic. Dont get me wrong some parts of it are really good like the replica rooms and the audio/visual part at the end but it was just too busy and too many people crammed in, i also dont think its very child friendly, alot of children there seemed bored as there is a lot of reading involved and they were running wild. Give them a ring as maybe they release some tickets on the day, if not you can still take a walk around titanic area and see where they released the boats etc and even stop for a coffee.
koala Posts: 202
Thanks for the replies. I gave them a ring and she said to come down at 9 in the morning, they might release tickets. So when we arrive tomorrow we'll go down to see if we can get a slot, and failing that we'll be there Thursday morning. I never thought it would be so busy midweek, if we dint get in, so be it.