TMI Achy feeling 'down below' 22 wks

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Silini2 Posts: 3834
Anyone have this... It's my third baby and you'd think I'd remember!! It's like a draggy achy feeling down below a bit like I'd get during my period... Have it if I'm standing a lot.... I've no cramps or bleeding and baby kicking away... Anyone else??
Rachel Berry Posts: 359
I think that's called round ligament pain. I used to get it after I had been walking or had been on my feet for a long time. I think it's caused by the extra weight on your stomach putting pressure on your body.
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Silini I have had it a few times I get it from standing too much. Is it the extra blood flow or what I'm not sure! And like you I have had a few pregnancies you would ink I would know!
Silini2 Posts: 3834
Thanks girls. I def find it worse when standing for long periods! But with dh working long hours and two small kids at home it's hard to avoid!!