tmi alert by a million !!!!!!!!! something protruding??

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bree Posts: 1880
ok, so i read a thread re. checking your own cervix, did so & found a little soft lump protruding??? what is it? feel like a freak!! knew i felt swollen etc esp when doing a bowel movement or even a pee tbh but this feel like its gonna fall out of me with any effort at all
aylala Posts: 3673
could it b piles :-8
bree Posts: 1880
in the vagina??? :-8
kala Posts: 1937
prob piles- i have them an they are bloody awful, uncomfortable, sore. they've gotten worse and i still have 5 weeks left. feels as if babs is about to pop out any time the pressure is that bad
keyra Posts: 801
When my sis was pg she had same sort of thing, something kinda hanging down from her lady region :-8 ,it was originally diagnosed as a prolapsed bladder but she had it checked again a few weeks ago and they now say its a cyst and she has to have it removed. Might not be same thing though.
roxychick Posts: 1802
Hi Bree. I had this at the end of my pregnancy especially when pressure was applied going to the toilet. Had it for the first few bowel movements after the baby was born too. Just went by itself. Not sure what it was though. Wasn't sore or anything
theoracle Posts: 7664
Sounds like a cervical polyp - they are very common in regnancy and nothing to worry about. I had one failry large one on dd2 which bled on and off in the first 16 weeks and caused me lot of stress as at the time I did not know what was happening - they usually dissapear/fall off during labour. You can ask your consultant to have a look when the time comes, but I'd be betting on that anyway. It looks like this [img:13f7q7ri][/img:13f7q7ri]
mayhem Posts: 381
my thoughts were the same as martha34, it could be a prolapse of some sort. maybe ask your consultant / GP at your next visit.