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Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Hi GIrls, For the last week or so I have had a real greeny colour discharge, is this ok, any ideas??
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Dora I could be completely wrong but I thought if discharge was any colour other than white or clear it could be a sign of infection. Maybe ring your doc just in case. Sorry I hope i haven't worried you.
babyluck Posts: 764
green - janey macs -thats a new one! is it smelly? could be an infection and worth looking into - well not literally! go to your doc maybe? itchy??
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
No not itchy but maybe a bit smelly but use pantyliners all the time so not really sure, god I am mortified what a discussion haha
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
This is the place to ask those embarrassing questions. I've asked stuff on here that I wouldn't even dream of asking my doctor :o0 No need to be embarrassed, but I would get it checked out.
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
yes I will thanks RQ
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
A few years ago i had an infection like this it was BV-bacterial vag something, the go took a swab and sent it to hosp I had to take antibiotics to clear it up Go to gp though Im going to pm you :lvs
neeov Posts: 4256
Bacterial infections of the vagina can cause early labour, I'd go and get it checked asap