TMI Alert - How does your ladygarden grow???

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MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Hi girls, will all the talk of brazilians and hollywoods etc its got me thinking, I usually am very neat down that direction but have never waxed always use a razor, however since my bump is now so big, I cant get to do any maintenance! Morto! I know some people dont give one damn but Id like to be good in that area for labour! any suggestions or should I just let it go to pot! :ooh
ructions Posts: 2689
I was told not to shave before birth as the razor can leave tiny nicks in your skin and encourage infection. I used to wax. Haven't really had time to do it since DS arrived, the salon is up a flight of stairs and I can't take him with me as he'd upend the furniture! I wouldn't worry about the lady garden before birth, sure midwives have seen it all!
seedee Posts: 1017
i shaved the other day at 32 weeks and was DAMN proud of myself! :o0 cant believe i was still able to get into a position to do it. i wont be too bothered if thats the last trim it sees i dont think, and if i really get crazy paranoid, ill get OH to help me trim. i dont have excessive growth with any hair though, from my head to my toes, so its not that big of an issue for me.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
lol thanks girls, between the mortification and the pain of a wax I dont know if I could do it! lol
seedee Posts: 1017
maybe stick a little ribbon in it, pretty it up before you go in?
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
or a vajazzle to detract from the forrest! :innocent: :innocent:
seedee Posts: 1017
well that sounds just lovely! :lvs
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
My growth has slowed down a lot. Just trimming it myself and keeping it tidy. Am not going to worry about waxing or anything, I've decided I'm not going to let it worry me. There's going to be a person coming out of down there, that's freaking me out more! :o0 However, this reminds me of a brilliant story I heard and I can't remember where I heard it. Was it here or on Facebook? Anyway, it's brilliant. Basically this woman was going for a smear test first thing in the morning. So she's up out of bed same as usual, husband gets up, they get the kids dressed, the usual rush rush of the morning routine. Jumping out of the shower she grabs a bottle off her dresser and gives herself a spray of deoderant under the arms and, seeing the day that's in it, a squirt down below so she'll feel a bit fresh for the doctor poking around. Fast forward an hour she's sitting in the doctor's surgery, legs up the usual getting the smear when she notices the doctor trying not to laugh, really almost wetting himself laughing. It's only then that she notices the glitter everywhere. Turns out it wasn't deoderant she sprayed on herself that morning, it was a bottle of spray on body glitter! She was in such a rush she just grabbed the first bottle and gave a few sprays. There was glitter all over the doctor's couch, her knickers, the doctor's gloves, the whole works. I'm sure the doctor got a lovely surprise, a lovely shiny sparkly lawn of love first thing in the morning!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
You should definitely do the glitter thing smiley kaz, just to make it pretty for the doc! I'm not a waxing fan either (getting my eyebrows done is enough for me, don't know what I was thinking booking myself into the MLU!) I would normally do a little shave around the edges and trim with a scissors but I can't see down there anymore so scissors could be dangerous. I might try using a mirror or else OH will have to do it
bobby2012 Posts: 644
The midwives and co have seen and will see (and will possibly see with you) much more embarrassing things than an unkept pubic area, trust me. :o0 Personally I always found it more difficult to shave towards the end, but always tried to as much as I could (for me, don't like hair down tere). But if it's not happening, I don't lose sleep over it.