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jennig Posts: 21
hey all..I am 14 weeks pregnant and have just noticed over last few days. every now and again, i seem to leak urine. might be after i drink a lot of water mostly but it could happen if i am just walking along. its not loads that i would have to use panty liner but i do find i have this wet feeling below most of the time. would this be start of infection or just the fact that i am drinking 2 litres of water a day. Midwife did say that it could be baby on the bladder but am not sure. somedays are worse than others. would love advice if poss thanks all.
1happywife Posts: 248
Not of much help but I notice if my bladder is anyway full if i sneeze or laugh I leak a bit too :-8 and apparently thats normal. The joys of pregnancy :o0
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
go to doc/physio and have them check your pelvic floor...they might be able to show you some exercises that could help. good luck!
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
It might be a sign of a UTI so get your GP to do a quick test.
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
me too ... especially with the sneezing... hayfever is so not good :-8
jennig Posts: 21
thanks for you replys. i did mention to doc last week and he checked urine which was fine but will keep an eye on it and if it gets any worse then go to doc, oh the joys...i have a path worn to him..
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Are you positive it's urine??? Durign pregnancy your vaginal discharge increases a LOT-I've had this daily from near the start-sometimes it's clear, other times during pg it is more milky white. If it's yellow, def urine, but if it's clear then maybe (TMI) give it a smell-there is a definite difference between the smells!!! :hic If it is urine, then you prob have stress incontinence-again v. common in pg esp when sneezing, laughing etc. Start doing your pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) now to strengthen the muscles. HTH