TMI Discharge at 10 weeks

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benny313 Posts: 821
Hi Ladies This is my second pregnancy and oh God the the MS has really kicked in the last weeks, feel very sorry for myself :hic Anyway I had a discharge this morning and it was like jelly with a tint of green to it (sorry TMI). just wondering if anyone else experienced this, cant remember if it happened on last pregnancy but dont think it did. Thanks girls
cosy toes Posts: 38
I had this too. I asked the doctor about it and they said it was normal. I was worried about the green tinge but doc said it was ok. I felt much better about it then. Hope this helps!!!
benny313 Posts: 821
Thanks for that cosy toes, glad to hear im not the only one :wv
lottie79 Posts: 343
I'm so glad you posted this as I have had exactly the same (green tint) over the past few weeks and was starting to worry also. I'm so glad to hear that it's perfectly normal. :thnk