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Jeidi Posts: 3128
Just wondering... You know in early pregnancy a lot of people get bleeds and they say if its old brown blood then everything should be ok, its just the red stuff that's serious... well at what stage should the brown blood thing stop? I havent had a bleed since I was 21 weeks..... am 30 weeks now, just went to the loo and there was a teeny tiny amount of brown blood on the tissue paper. Now I'm drinking water like mad, so I'll be going for a wee wee again soon... but just thought this kind of thing would only happen in early pregnancy.
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
Hi Jeidi Sounds like old blood to me - still worrying isn't it! I read the blood vessels are pumping to their max and as a result we can experience nosebleeds (I've had small ones), gum bleeds (happened to me yesterday) and small bleeds down below. I would think if it gets heavier or turns red, head for your GP! Take care Zilla07
newbie24 Posts: 530
Hi Jeidi Just for peace of mind, call the hospital and tell them whats happened and then they can all you in if needs be... I'm only 19 weeks myself, but i've a low-lying placenta based on my scan yesterday so I was advised that I could have several brown bleeds between now and the end of the pregnancy because the baby will be making movemetns against the placenta... The red bleeds combined with cramps are the ones to worry about mainly, but it's worth getting abit of reasurance so you relax in yourself.... Best of luck!
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Hi Girls, been to the loo about 4 times since then and have seen nothing. To be hoenst it was a real TEENY bit of colouring on the loo paper and babs is moving mad so am confident all is ok. WARNING WAY TMI I wasn't sure if it was old blood on the tissue paper at all.. I had to smell it to be sure :o0 :o0 Gums are bleeding aswell.... went to the dentist earlier on in the week and its all part of pregnancy and all I can do is keep looking after my teeth!