TMI Question (The Show?????)

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byebye Posts: 599
A TMI question!!!!!!!!! I was going to the toilet yesterday (was a bit constipated) and wiped my bump to find blood on tissue. That was fine... Then looked in toilet and seen what looked like some egg white with blood streaked through it.. I wiped around my vagina and nothing was on the tissue. So I'm a bit confused - could that me what is called "the show"?? I've had nothing since..
newbie24 Posts: 530
Hi Queeneybee I'd contact the hospital if I was you to be on the safe side... from the description, thats what I'm expecting the show to kind of be like and as your only 30 weeks, thats early..... Give them a call and see what they say - even if it's just to put your mind at rest... thinking of u....x
Martiespride Posts: 997
definately ring hospital. i find sometimes when i have a suppository in that there is white on my poo and some times i bleed because im straining. ive got piles!!! let us know how you get on..
babybliss Posts: 437
Hi QB, I had something similar over the paddy’s weekend and when I rang the midwife, she told me to go straight to A&E to get it checked out. When I got in, I had to wait couple of hours, but finally they took me in and hooked me up on the monitor to check on baby’s heart beat. The midwife attending to me was lovely and explained that the mucus / discharge could be from the bowels, as there is lots of natural phlegm there (TMI). It also could be just extra heavy discharge and nothing to worry about unless I get more discharge or cramps. It was very scary, but now looking back, all seems to be ok and baby’s being really active. You probably should ring your mw to check things out though.
byebye Posts: 599
Thanks for the advise girls.. Rang hospital this morn and got an answering machine.. (I left a message) so had to ring this eve again as had no return message and again got an answering machine.. So rang reception and asked to speak to a midwife who said it sounded like internal piles and considering I'd no bleeding today and baby is moving around it was unlikely to be anything serious.. She was lovely and said that if it continued, to come in and they could check it out more.. Funny enough, my bum is really itchy this eve..