TMI - stained panties

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redfly Posts: 358
Hi girls :o( I need to post this. My panties kinda get a lot more stained everyday now since i've been pregnant and like very very light brown streaks. Sorry for TMI. I'm really worried that maybe its the start of something but its been going on the whole time. Went to the loo earlier and when I wiped I had no staining on the tissue but had this stringy mucusy thing like a snot :o( :o( I just don't know what to think :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( Has anyone else been like this?
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Redfly, try not to be alarmed. We are supposed to have mucousy discharge when pregnant. Mine is occasionaly not snow white, like you read about in the books. Sorry tmi but it can be off-white and creamy coloured. I don't think it's anything to be too alarmed about as long as you are not bleeding and not cramping. If you still have your other symptoms like sore boobs, ms, bigger boobs etc. then you should be ok as it means the hormone is still very strong in your body.
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Yes, I've noticed discharge has been heavier and slightly darker than usual. If it's not brownish when you wipe, nothing to worry about (and even then, actual brown discharge isn't always a sign of anything bad).
Maria1983 Posts: 390
Try not to worry. When I was pregnant with Conor, I had the same thing as do you. I'd been having irregular periods and had been told that I would need treatment to conceive, but then Conor came the old fashioned way and I was so incredibly worried over every little thing (not to mention I was a first time mom!)... I don't think it's anything bad. For a few weeks after the conception, your uterus has to "clean itself up" for your little one, so all sorts of things come out (the brown stains are probably dried blood). As long as it's not bright red, it should be okay. Having said that, there is only one advice I can give to any mom, which is don't listen to anyone's advice if you feel really worried. Go and have it checked. I was a Coombe patient and they have a free emergency clinic there. And believe me, I'm sure they are used to moms running in with nothing in the first trimester. But remember that you're a mother and it's your right to be concerned. Even if it is nothing, nothing compares the relief of a nurse telling you that she can see your baby on the ultrasound screen and it is perfectly fine. I wish you all the best with your wonderful new baby :) .
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Hi there, I was all in a panic last week cause I had a pinkish brown discharge and was using 3 panty liners every 24 hrs. Went to the doc and turns out I have thrush-no symptoms of it though, no burning, itching, nothing. Anyway, used canesten (sp) and it's all clear again. Now, I know I'm further along than you but maybe go to the doc just incase. :wv