To have or not to have ............ a Videographer

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Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
Is everyone getting a videographer?
Novice Posts: 458
I was definate that I wasnt having one but then all my friends who've married said I should. They were all saying that is was well worth it and great to have etc. I wasnt listening until a friend, who was like me saying she didnt want one but got one in the end cos he hubbie wanted one, told me that she was so glad she did. She loves having a look at it and thinks its hilarious. So, I caved and booked Keith Malone last week !
ainm Posts: 2211
Yeah we are. He'll be there until about 10.30pm. I just wanted to have it all to look back on. I don't want to miss a thing!
Ceana Posts: 1387
Yes. Def something you will have for years to come. They say on the day you miss so much and it would be lovely to sit back and get to see it all again
Pixie1 Posts: 66
I wasn't going to bother but everyone told me that you miss alot of the day as you're so busy & my sister is getting me the video as a wedding present so I don't even have to organise it.. everyone is different so do what suits you.. enjoy the planning!! :wv
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
Both myself and h2b are not keen on the idea so we decided not to have one. I am more into the photographs so we are splashing out on a great photographer instead. My mother is gutted though and keeps hoping we will change our mind. She puts the wedding videos on when she is babysitting the grandkids as they go to sleep when they are watching them and she was looking for something new to look at . :o0
Kayz Posts: 14
I wasn't too pushed until I saw velvetine productions work. last weekend my friend sent over a copy of her dvd by them and it was great. even h2b had to admit he liked it. now and the closer we get I can't imagine not having a dvd of my wedding!
Bellabing Posts: 1449
I was just discussing this very issue with a married male friend of mine. He's married about 12 years and he reckons, don't spend loads € on the photo album cause it just gets left gathering dust but its worth spending more on the video. His 3 yr old son, never stops looking at it so much so that they had to get a 2nd video as first one was worn out!!! Also and this sounds morbid as people pass away it might be nice to have them on video for the memories...
mad woman Posts: 22106
yes yes yes!! it will be one of your biggest regrets! we got one and delighted we did. we used
Bellabing Posts: 1449
Although I did hear a story where, as the bride was walking up the aisle a friend of hers remarked that she didn't like the brides dress and this was picked up on the video....Stupid video guy never edited it out!!doh. Needless to say bride was very upset as the same friend had complimented bride on wedding dress to her face!!!