To maxi cosy or not to maxi cosy

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sunshine. Posts: 1387
Hi Wollies Got phil and teds sport and love it but cant decide on the type of car seat.... Dilemma is........ Maxy cosy will fit on buggy. However there is a pram part and my sister has a britax car seat that she will give us the will do from newborn till 4.... so do i get the maxy cosy for convenience or will i make do with my sisters car seat and the pram part be sufficient enough that i can put the baby into the pram from the car seat if needed.... Nothing is ever simple :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek
milis Posts: 7998
Aside from the fact that I hate spending money I don't need to..... I also think if you get a car seat that you can pop onto the pram/buggy you are going to be tempted to leave the baby in the car seat for longer than is recommended. So I would take the Britax and say 'thanks very much' :o0 oooooorrr. Take the Britax, and use it once the baby has outgrown the maxi cosi!
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
I would take the britax and use it - We had a M&P seat for DD that went with her buggy and it was rearward facing and it was strapped into the car and NEVER used on her pram and I could move her from seat to pram asleep no problem and it was way better than having her sitting in a seat all the time and way more practical too cost wise - we had to buy a 2nd seat for DD to put in DH's jeep a while back so we bought the britax one your talking about that is front and rearward facing so we will have it for No2 and I wont be using the M&P again - Just my opinion but it will save you the price of the maxi cosi and base etc etc. HTH MrsNoc