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lotus s Posts: 184
We've both been made reundant, and finding it tough to get new jobs. If you were in that position would you plan your wedding or would you wait til you've a job?
lotus s Posts: 184
Forgot to add, we've got money saved for wedding, but worry we will need it for ourselves later on.
stephyb Posts: 1439
have you booked anything yet? there's no real harm in planning, getting to know exactly what you want so that at a later date when you realise you can afford it you know exactly who you want to book. You could have a top 3, top 3 photographers, djs etc. It's fun to plan, and it will keep you busy at home untill you find work or something.
bijou Posts: 1154
I think there is difference between a 'wedding' and getting married. Getting married is not expensive......but if you want the whole Irish traditional affair....then that's a whole different story. Which do you want? Can you wait a few years to get married? Will you put off having babies until after this wedding? How old will you be then? I think you need to work out your priorities and then go from there. Best of luck PS - I voted to go ahead with wedding!
lotus s Posts: 184
No, no date set yet. Hadn't really thought of looking at dj's, etc yet. Feel silly when they ask "have you set a date?" and I stand there shaking my head like a sad little child. Might suck it up and give it shot though. Thanks!
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
I think there’s no harm in looking at suppliers and knowing which ones you’ll want so yes, go ahead and plan but don’t put down any deposits etc.
olivia123 Posts: 824
depending on what you want i reckon you could get married for about €1000 to €2000 max. get a pre loved dress or one on sale cheap excesories rent suits only have one bridesmaid one best man flowers only for bride and bridesmaid invite imediate family only to cermoney and dinner have dj and invite everybody to afters bargin hard with hotel/pub for sandwiches etc. really depends on weather you want to get married or have a wedding. hope this helps just so you know I think you should get married and forget about the wedding. :wv
tilsun Posts: 4506
Sorry to disagree Olivia, but I'm not sure what you have listed could be gotten for under 2000. But it may depend on the numbers for suit hire, sandwiches etc. That said I do think we can all set a budget and then make the hard decisions to stick to it. They are hard decisions though as so much around weddings is very tempting (chair covers, chocolate fountains etc). And other people put pressure on you to do things that will cost more. I would think long and hard before planning a typical wedding if you are under financial pressure. If you feel you will soon need your hard saved money for other things then maybe you should hold off or plan for a date further in the future. That said you can of course get married very cheaply,it just depends on your own personal vision of that day. Good luck with the job hunting and the planning.
Glamourqueen Posts: 29
I know its a hard decision. My H2B is out of work three months now. we had a bit of money put by as we started planning to get married. We didnt know what was best thing to do but we decided next year is the perfect time in our lives to marry (dont wanna wait to long to start family). in the end we just booked our reception cos a lot can happen between now and then and if i need to plan my day to as smaller budget i will. Being husband and wife is more important. :xox
katiemomma Posts: 2690
i would just go for it. if you are going to wait for things it may never happen. like olivia said i would cut things down in size. but i would also get family and friends involved. we wanted a huge wedding and we are having one. we just didnt want the huge price tag that comes with it. so what we did was: buy things off the internet. make our own invites. parents bought my dress and veil. got my shoes on sale. my aunt and moms friend making cake. other aunt making mass booklets. friends singing and playing music for church. friend and her boyfriend are doing the brush dance as part of the entertainment instead of hiring people to do similar. we bought our wine on sale in tesco at 4.49 a bottle and got corkage down to €5. family and friends will love to be involved. things dont have to cost a fortune and nobody will ever know what price they are unless you tell them. haggle with hotel. get things included in your package. you can hve a fab wedding for under 10k and alot of wollies are doing it on here. it would depend on how much you have to spend. remember also you will be getting cash gifts this will pay for some fraction of the wedding. so dont worry. go for it!!