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Corks Posts: 355
Hi All :wv , I haven't been able to post much in recent weeks and feel so bad :-8 for not having congratulated so many of you on your BFPs or given my thoughts and prayers to all those who have lost your little angels. It got to the stage where I felt I couldn't congratulate or express my concern to anyone as I had not replied to so many other peoples posts! So: To all ye ladies who have got BFPs in the last 6 weeks or so, congrats. To those of you who have lost little angels in the last few weeks, my thoughts are with you. I hoep you get through your losses. I still probably won't be posting that much but I am reading all the posts and keeping up to date!!! Corks :wv
Angel2 Posts: 787
Corks, It's great to see you back with us. :o)ll Thank you so much for such a lovely post. I personally really miss you on here. :xxx I hope your pregnancy is going well hon.
Corks Posts: 355
Ah thanks Angel2, it's nice to be missed!! Did you get my PMs last week? I'm good, I think I'm definitely over my sick phase now!! Was at a wedding on inisbofin island, off the coast of mayo/galway, at the weekend, to which I had to travel on a boat and I felt perfect!!! I had been dreading the boat, I had visions of me hanging over the edge! So I think that's a sign that Im getting back to me good ol self!! Famous last words though........ I have my first visit with consultant on Wednesday. I havent had any scans or anything yet (late I know, but there is a shortage of consultants here in Galway) so am a little nervous but excited too. How are you feeling at the moment? I can only imagine, excited one minute, apprehensive the next? As I said in my PM to you, I'll say a lilttle prayer for you (and all the ladies ttc, the ladies who have lost angels and the ladies who are pregnant) every day alongside prayers for my little beanie! Chat soon, Corks PS I'll try to post more often, its just I have eyes behind me at work that see everything I do!!