To Veil or not to Veil???

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bijou Posts: 1154
Hey guys. I'm having an off site cermony in an old georgian house. I'mweraring an ivory dress that's very like what they wear in ' Pride & Prejudice'. Was going with a 3 strand of pearls alice band type and a few pearls dotted between curls ina semi up style. My sister in law has given me her cathederal lenght veil, which matches perfectly with the dress. My own sisters want me to wear it, even if just for the cermony. I'm stuck - while I don't mind the veil, it does look well, but I was going for a more relaxed look to the wedding and I think a veil makes it more formal???? My wedding party is not totally matching - the groom and best man are wearing grey pin stripe suits, but they are different shades. My FG is wearing a white dress and bridesmaid is wearing purple and I'm in Ivory. I like the relaxed look of it all - you all probably think it's nuts, but I like it.
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
That sounds beautiful. I don't think you sound nuts at all. We're kinda going for the same informal approach. H2b is wearing a different suit completely to the bestmen (as in he is wearing a beige/stone colour and bestmen are wearing grey). Also, 2 of my bridesmaids are wearing the same dress but the other is wearing a different dress that is in a different shade. I'm wearing a chapel length veil but to be honest I think it's personal choice really. I just wanted a veil! If you want to wear it do and if not then don't. Don't let anybody force you into doing something you don't want to.
blueswallow Posts: 1244
It sounds to me from what you've described as though you would look lovely either with/without the veil, so it's really up to you. Don't feel pressured into wearing one just because you were given one.
bijou Posts: 1154
Ah thanks for the replies girls......but I'm no more decided.....oh, don't know what to do!!!! I'll see how I feel closer to the day. I have the veil in my house and my hair doesn't have to change for it, so I'll see how I feel. Thanks again! :thnk