To wax or not?

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belle1 Posts: 189
Hi Girls, I'm sure this topic has come up before but i'm just wondering about the waxing situation down below? I've never had a designer wax (as in brazillian or hollywood) before but have a small fear of somebody coming near me with a razor if i need a section (stupid i know given everything else i'll have to face) or even anyone looking down there without being waxed. This is my first child and i really don't have a clue! Help! :-8
Emsey Posts: 76
oh im exactly the due in 2 weeks and am threatning every day to go and get waxed..maybe a bikini....was just wondering did anyone else get one!!!
cat in the hat Posts: 120
believe me the state of your bikini line is the last thing you or they will be worrying about when you are in labour.
aylala Posts: 3673
im going to keep using veet :wv
Emsey Posts: 76
i would use veet if i could actually reach down there to do it...have tried to no avail..its awful!!!!
bubbalicious Posts: 330
Now talking about waxing - I am literally just back form the salon after getting my legs and bikini line waxed for the first time. And I have to say I am pleasantly surprised cause it wasnt that painful at all. And the girl was really gentle. For me personally i am going to keep it up and it is nice to hand over that job to someone else now as my bump continues to grow!! I feel all fresh and clean!!! There is a salon in D24 who are doing half price on ALL treatments for the month of May - so got the whole lot done for only €20!!! Pm me if you want details... HTH xx
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
well im a regular waxer and i will be getting done before I go in for the big day. I too am of the opinion that i feel fresher and cleaner when i have it done and i usually go for a brazilian- cant tell if i need it done soon or not, cant see down there anymore!!
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
if you don't usually get waxed, no way would i get it done just to give birth. i don't think they shave you anyway anymore if you have to have a section, maybe just the top IYKWIM !!! As someone else said - it'll be the last thing on your mind when your pushing out your little one!!!
aylala Posts: 3673
[quote="Emsey":1ay78j3d]i would use veet if i could actually reach down there to do it...have tried to no avail..its awful!!!![/quote:1ay78j3d] can you not reach down the side of your bump to do it? Im in for shock when i get bigger so :o0
McMummy Posts: 1041
I just got a quick tidy up before the birth but like others have said it's the last thing you worry about when your in labour. Having a poo while pushing worried me more so if a midwife or doc is used to seeing that I think the last thing they worry about is if you've have a tidy bikini line.