to wean or not to wean

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charliesangel Posts: 2106
was up with my phn last week and she gave me a book on weaning(lost it) she was saying you can wean ff babies at 4 months so do you have to do it my dd is almost 4 months but very tiny only 10lbs7pd not sure what to do
MammySpice Posts: 2501
My PHN gave me the same spiel about weaning at 17 weeks. My little man didn't seem particularly hungry & was still sttn so I decided to hold out for signs he was ready to wean rather than just deciding to wean on a whim. In the last week I have started very slowly to wean - just very tiny tastes really to ease him into it. From all the research I did on this it seems 4 months is the earliest you can wean but the PHN seems to think that means you have to wean at that age once you are ff. The UK guidelines are at 26 weeks regardless of ff or bf. I'd say look for signs from your lo that they are ready for solids - mrsbean had a great list of signs in another post but I can't search for it cause I'm on my phone. HTH :wv
babyluck Posts: 764
life is so much easier when its just bottles - that is my opinion so dont rush it if you can avoid it!!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: otherwise is she showing cues? starting to wake earlier because her daily feeds are not enough anymore interested in your food a hungry baby other than PHN's advice is there other reason for "early" weaning - reflux etc ~WHO recommends weaning at 6 months I did it at 5 months taking cues from baby 20 weeks is early - but until 2 years ago was the week recommended for weaning so not a big deal personally weaning and feeding food requires way more organisation so if you can delay it a little longer - for yourself - then do!!! but for baby - and his/.her digestive system - I would wait too that is only my opinion
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i think not. DS was alt least 16lbs before i weaned him. he was four and a half months.
im waiting Posts: 2727
As OPs have said, is she showing signs like being less satisfied with the formula she's getting. My PHN also said that I can wean at 17 weeks Plus, but i had no intentions of doing so until maybe 5 months at the earliest. But he is showing signs that he might be ready at that stage as he is now drinking 8oz bottles and is guzzling them no problem. So I hope to try once he turns the 17 wks. If your baby is happy taking whatever ounces she takes and isn't a relatively hungry baby then don't worry about the weaning until she's a bit older, you wouldn't believe the difference a month makes
charliesangel Posts: 2106
thanks girls she is only taking 4oz every 3-4 hours some days more so think ill wait another 4 weeks or so thanks fotr the replies
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Was your dd premature ? Does that make a difference I wonder. I certaintly wouldn't wean until she is showing signs.
charliesangel Posts: 2106
ya she was 4 weeks early
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
preemie means a huge differance you need to go by her corrected age hun so your baby wouldnt even be three months yet. no hurry with the solids till they look for them
jmeath Posts: 5740
God i just fed him at 3 1/2 months coz i felt like it!!! How bad am i? I was dying to get him on spoon feed and i stil lreally enjoy this time!