To wear an eternity ring or not to wear!

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buzzybee09 Posts: 4
Girls id really like your opinions on this! We got married September gone and my dh got me an amazing eternity ring that I know cost a fortune on it but its been sittin in the bottom drawer in my chest of drawers since………why………this is my dilemma! Last yr before we got married we were chattin in here n I said to one of the wollies I got an eternity ring n she said ‘oh gosh I wdnt wear one of them before ttc etc, id be too superstitious etc etc’, I have to say I took offence a bit to this cos I thought was a nice gesture from my dh cos to him it was ‘an eternity together and eternity of love’ as he wrote in our wedding day card. But I have to say that what she said stuck in my head big time and haven’t wore it yet. Said I wdnt wear it TIL I got preg with my dh and after our first big scan id wear d ring… preg and on our first scan we found out id a missed mc at 14wks……….so no ring on again. Only tryin now again. Anyways to cut a longer storey short, I already have a son so not as if I don’t have kids etc, but jus hes not my dh ‘blood’ if you get me. My question to you is………would you wear an eternity ring before you’ve kids to the person that gave it to you OR would you wait til you’ve kids? But rem too I HAVE a kid……………… to hear your opinions!!!!
mags s Posts: 591
firstly...sorry to hear about you m/c. it must have been very hard for you both. :o( on the ring front..i would wear it. to me i always thought an eternity ring was for ' first anniversary or first baby, whichever came first ' so on that reasoning, i would have the ring on. supersitions are one thing but in all fairness mother nature is going to dictate what goes on in life, not if you are wearing a ring or not ! Good luck pet with the TTC. :lvs
SaJa Posts: 4282
I agree with mags s, wear the ring. An eternity ring is given on the birth of your first baby or your first anniversary, whichever comes first. I really don't think that wearing an eternity ring had any factor in your m/c. Its a shame to have such a lovely ring and be afraid to wear it for that reason.
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
I got hubby to buy me 2 eternity rings and we don't have any kids, don't see why I should miss out on some free diamonds since we are not procreating, I look after his SD loads so I have earnt them!
Bgerk Posts: 118
Def wear it. I got mine before we even started TTC. We'd be married about a year and a half. We were in New York and DH decided to buy me one. I'm pregnant now and so glad we got it when we did, no way we could afford one when i'm on maternity leave! I too always thought a lot of people got them on first anniversary so never even thought it may be bad luck.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
You poor thing I know what you mean about something sticking in your head and then you get superstitious about it, but there is no superstition around an eternity ring! My friend got an eternity ring for her first anniversary and told her hubbie when they had their first child she wanted a maternity ring!! :o0 :o0 And that has now carried with her 2 sisters!!! So why don't you see it that way too!
buzzybee09 Posts: 4
Girls thanks amillion for your kind words! Im not usually supersticious at all! EVER! Jus this one thing this girls said stuck in my head, shes now a baby in her arms n ours taken away...........bein overly stupid n daft i know! cant help it! LOVE my ring! Dh does ask when am i gonna wear it, but hasnt since i mc'd, so dont know now what he'd say to see it on my finger!! YES I KNOW IM BEIN STUPID hard! Me thinks ill bite d bullet n feckin wear it! I thought loads wd say 'dont wear it' but no one has or they havent said anyway! Jus cdnt face anythin hinderin our chances now!!!!!!!!!!! Talkin daft again i know! Thanks girls!
Emme Posts: 4735
Hiya first of all I usually rant about eternity rings and don't have one/don't want one etc! But I heard a lovely explanation of them. A engagement ring says I will A wedding ring says I do An eternity ring says I would all over again A bit soppy but I don't care!
buzzybee09 Posts: 4
Ah emme thanks for that! I appreciate you postin that! Thats jus how i do see it..............should try n rem that sdnt i!
katgirl Posts: 1258
Dh got me a beautiful eternity ring the christmas after we got married and i wear it all the time, i didnt know it had anything to do with kids i thought that was a maternity ring?? to me it was just a lovely ring that matches my engagment ring and a loving gesture from DH