to wear bra or not???

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lamb1 Posts: 55
Hi, I am just wondering what to do about my dress?? Going for my fitting at the weekend and wondering about wearing a bra, I would feel more comfortable wearing one as I am quite small on top!! need to go for a proper fitting this week. Should I get cups sewn into dress or wear a strapless bra???
Dr of love Posts: 425
I had the same question a while ago and in the end came across a beautiful strapless wonderbra that everyone says is amazing for shape and staying up! It certainly looks good on so so far so good. Its the Wonderbra Ultimate Ivory Lace bra and thong. I dont think my dress strictly needs it and havent had my fitting yet so may end up not using it at all but I feel relieved knowing I have something ready to go that should give me a lovely shape and not have me going up the aisle pantless (which was my first plan!).