To work or not to Work???

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mags s Posts: 591
Hiya, Having my first baby in sept ( i am 8 weeks today ) and am trying to work out if it will be worth my while coming back to work or not. I dont have the highest paying job in the world....and was wondering if i was to give tax credits to my hubbie...what entitlements would i get...could i draw on my stamps...and if yes, how much is that per week..... help please cause this kinda stuff goes completely over my head. Thanks. :wv
mariac Posts: 982
hi as far as i know if you are drawing your stamps - you must pretend that you are looking for full time employment. be careful here; because your job will have to state that they have left you go, not that you didnt want to return to work. also by law you are entitled to your job back after maternity leave. what you could do is return to work for a few weeks - get your boss to go along with this - and then be let go on a temporary basis - or something like that ...