Toddler unsettled in creche after holiday

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Cinzia Posts: 737
Girls, can anybody offer any advice please? DS (21 months) is back at creche two weeks now since our two-week holiday and every morning dropping him off at creche is an absolute nightmare! Up to the holiday he was running into the creche not giving me a backward glance, I used to have to chase him for a hug and kiss! But since the holiday he bawls his little eyes out every morning and is clung to me. Now that he is talking a bit it is worse than when I was settling him in first when he was 10 months... he's screaming 'Mommy', 'No go' at me. Today was the worst morning yet and it was all I could do to hold it together until I left the creche when I started to cry myself. The girls there are brilliant and try their best to distract him but I usually have to leave while he is still sobbing. I always say goodbye and give him a kiss. I expected him to be unsettled after the holiday but thought it might take a couple of days or a week to settle him in again... we're now going into our third week of this. The girls tell me every day that as soon as I leave he's fine and always has a great day there! I've seen it for myself when I go to collect him and he's running around the place laughing! Our nights are very unsettled too at the moment. He goes to bed no problem but I do have to stay with him until he's asleep. Recently he's been waking in the middle of the night and the only thing that consoles him is to bring him into our bed where he wraps himself around me and goes to sleep no problem. I don't mind doing this at the moment if it makes him feel more secure but I'm wondering if this is creating a bad habit. I'm not sure what advice I'm looking for. Just wondering really if anybody else went through this and came out the other side! I've been putting a bit of it down to him getting his molars as well but not sure really. Thanks! :wv
married06 Posts: 83
Hi Cinzia, no real advice but just to say I feel your pain. My DS is 2 and 2 months and went through a very long phase of this at about the same age as your son. He is only in creche 2 days a week and on alternate months (depending on DH shift work) DH and I take turns to leave him in. It always gets bad when there is a swap from one of us to the other. Its so mortifying as well as upsetting especially when no other kids AT ALL seem to be crying!!! The good news is, DS has moved up to the playgroup room since he turned two, and things have really improved since. I put it down to the fact that he was very very attached to the main carer in the toddler room, but is also attached to us, so found it hard to make the decision on who to go to in the mornings (?) Now maybe that's totally wrong but thats how I felt. Now the handover is more sort of busy and breezy with all the little kiddies running in iykwim, and there are a few different girls in the room so its not quite as emotional or something (not sure what i'm trying to say but hopefully you get me) The other thing is, I sort of bribe DS by giving him just a banana in the house before we leave, but I keep going on about how the girls will give him his brekkie/Krispies in the creche. (he LOVES his grub). Seems to be working at the moment anyway! Hope it improves for you soon.
shiny2010 Posts: 975
Cinzia, just had time to read your post. :lvs so sorry to hear what ye going through. DD is extra clingy lately too, maybe it is a phase for our LOs, like married06 says. Tough it is definitely and I've near tears and in tears a few times. No words of advice at all here. Sorry. :heartbeat:
Cinzia Posts: 737
Thanks for the replies ladies. :thnk We had a bit of an improvement this morning. I went a bit OTT with being upbeat and telling him what a great day he was going to have, etc, etc, and it seemed to work a bit. He made an attempt to cling to me and cry when we got to his room but then he saw another child and went over and sat next to them! Phew! Hopefully this is the start of the end of the clinginess! Shiny, hope it starts to improve for you and DD soon. :wv
shiny2010 Posts: 975
they're will probably be days where it is tough for them and days where it all great fun :lvs