"together" premarraige course?

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jenr Posts: 313
just wondering if anyone has feedback on the "together" course, its in terenure college!!
wifeen Posts: 50
Hi, myself & H2B did this course. It has handy as we live in Ternure, plus it is only a one-day course at the weekend which suited us as he works in London Monday - Friday so many of the other courses just weren't feasible. I enjoyed the course when we did it. I know a lot of people give out about them, but I thought it would be helpful. It was very relaxed, there is a priest involved in presenting one of the sections, but is not overly focused on Religion which can bother some people. It was mostly about discussing different aspects of marriage, communication within the relationship and seeking help if you need it. They said we shouldn't learn anything new on the course, but it is more for reflection on your relationship & your expectations of marriage. I thought it was very good, relaxed & interesting. It was recommended by some friends of ours, and I would recommend it to others - plus the sandwiches & soup at breaktime were really nice!!! If you are getting married in a church, you should check with your priest as some only accept the Accord course, but ours was fine with it. HTH.
jenr Posts: 313
Thanks wifeen, i just wanted to get an idea if it was ok as i only ever heard about accord and avalon but h2b was told about it and terenure is handy for us especially just one saturday! great ill book it asap so, thanks for replying, i cant wait to do it, its something you only do once preparing to get married!!
imawolly Posts: 268
I'm doing it in a few weeks, so I can report back.