Toilet question (sorry tmi)

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baby4me Posts: 455
hi girls bit embarrassed bout asking this. but since the day i found out i was pg i wake every morning with cramps and then have dihorrea (sp?). so bascially i go once every morning without fail but its dihorrea i havent been to toilet properly in 7 weeks but still go once a day. does this sound ok i mentioned this to gp few weeks ago but cant remember what she said. cud do this some advise??? thanks :wv
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I would imagine having diarreoha(sp) every day would dehydrate you. I cant imagine it would be good to have it this long and often. Do you eat a lot of fibre, this might bulk up your movements and make them more normal. Try bran flakes, green apples (skins on),etc and see if it makes a difference.
lunamie Posts: 271
I wouldn't describe mine as diahorrea but it is very loose. (I always thought you got constipation but apparently not). Like you it;s just once a day but some times I feel like I need to get to the loo quickly when I do need to go (sorry). You only need to worry about dihydration if it is just watery and you are going really regularly - otherwise it should be fine really. You're not alone in being like this - lots of other girls have mentioned something similar. Only thing I would suggest is that you watch out for any blood in it if you are very sore with all that movement!