tom and katies wedding list

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clio99 Posts: 712
here is the link for tom and katies wedding list go to guest registry and put in toms name
Hearts07 Posts: 540
Aaahhh, the site is experiencing difficulties - I'll have to try again on Monday - presume everyone is trying to have a look and its jammed.
mrs august05 Posts: 949
oh no i cant get in either dying to have a look :)
AGuest Posts: 1262
get to it through this link - and click on "wedding registry".
AprBride Posts: 386
hmmm why would they want 20 sheets!!!! seems a lot but then again don't suppose they live in a 3 up 2 down terrace :) 50$ for a spoon seems a bit steep think if I put them on my gift list, if I'm lucky I might get 1 place setting :D
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
I can't believe they are actually asking guests for pressies! How loaded are they?
AprBride Posts: 386
I know just goes to show. Did you see the gift vouchers they go up to $1000 :shock: wouldn't mind one of them :wink:
Hearts07 Posts: 540
Oh my god - $50 for a spoon or a knife and $650 for a rosebud egg thingy. Mad! :shock:
Cassandra Posts: 219
[quote:1hulrsqs]I can't believe they are actually asking guests for pressies! How loaded are they?[/quote:1hulrsqs] Totally. And funny how it's not against the Church of Scientology to have wedding lists or to expect gifts from guests!!
Cassandra Posts: 219
And why do they want a Faberge Imperial Cross if they're not Christian?? The mind boggles. Curious about the wording on the list too - eg. Pewter teaspoon - requested:20 still needs: 20. How in the name of God can anyone 'still need' 20 teaspoons at $32 each. Fascinating.