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Little Angel Posts: 913
Hi I am on ww however when ever i put up weight, it all goes to my tummy and I cant seem to lose it off of it! any tips for me? I have started sit ups and exercise but any foods I should avoid or anything at all would be great Thank you
lou10 Posts: 389
Same for me, it just all goes on tum, but I cant do sit ups cause I have a bad back, so I would also love to know if anyone has any tips.
podgeandrodge Posts: 886
i tried slentertone their at the start of the summer if u use it everday and i mean everyday or it wont work it did take an inch or so off my sides and flattened my stomach best avoid white bread cause thats what makes my stomach blow out
Lady Mucker Posts: 15
Hi, The best thing to do is to give up wheat and white rice and potatoes for about 2-3 days before you want a really flat tum. The exercises are a must too. I have had a few operations on my back since I was little and I had to do loads of Physio so i have really strong stomach muscles, they are just hidden by a layer of fat O:| But when I cut back on the bad carbs my tum does get noticably flatter
Little Angel Posts: 913
Thanks Lady Mucker I usually have potatoes or Patsa for my dinner most evenings? i have not had bread in about a week and I can notice th differnece a little bit. what would you have instead
Lady Mucker Posts: 15
Hi Goody, I am a pasta freek and also a veggie. My fav being good recipe is the mexican rice and bean casserole made with brown rice and no cheese (on the BBC food website) and I try to only eat brown pasta when at home although it can be quite hard to get it some times and switch the spuds to sweet potato. I posted here a week or two ago about the fat smash diet which is based on the above and slowly introducing regular carbs with weekly limits back into your diet. I was on day 3 and was feeling great and had lost 3lb's when my mam rang me with some bad news about one of my animals. But i will be restarting it on monday.
happilyeverafter Posts: 299
Hi i just wanted to add that i used do about 2000 sit-ups/crunches a few years ago and noticed NO difference. I bought a book on toning up etc and it said that you have to get rid of the layer of fat on the tummy and that it wouldnt matter if you did 1000000 situps until you did becos the muscles were hidden. It also said that you are better doing crunches/sit ups after walking/working out as it is more effective then. in the morning (as in morning you break down fat as opposed to food in evening) i go on threadmill for 20mins, go on stepper for a few mins, do bout 10/15mins on trampoline and do 100 crunches on right side 100 on left side 100 on upper and 100 on lower. I also lie on my back lift my legs up straight in air and lift myself slightly off floor as if tryin to touch my feet - this really works the lower abs where i have the most fat. Im not saying it happens over a few weeks but you will notice gradual results. I still have my potatoes. I now have brown rice/pasta/bread instead of white. You'd be surprised how the little things make such a difference. Oh i also use Slendertone belt - you have to use it every single day for first 8 weeks then 3/4 times a week to maintain results. I didnt use it for 4weeks with honeymoon/wedding and noticed my tummy creeping back. Started using it again since coming home and much much flatter.