Tongue Piercings

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FlexyDee Posts: 4904
Okay, I have nothing against someone having them but dear god, do not stick the Fcuking things out in a photo on facebook or any other place - yuck yuck yuck!! That is all! :o0 :o0
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
Haha, when I saw this all I can think of is my 6th year holiday when me and 3 friends got ours done just before it and in every single pic we have our tongues out!!!! It must be a phase....that was 10 years ago....still have it pierced but wouldn't stick it out for a pic!!!
lola bride Posts: 794
+1 to Mrswifey09. I have my tongue pierced 12 yrs and would never stick my tongue out in photos, its been said a few times to me "when did u get ur tongue pierced?" when i reply yrs ago they will say ive never noticed it until now! Definitely a phase when i was in my teens i would of always stuck my tongue out in photos and would of had uv balls for it so it glowed in nightclubs - im passed that phase now
GigglingMonkey Posts: 514
I got my tongue pierced about 10 or so years ago.....ended up taking it out after 5 days. The place that I got it done didn't do it properly and got infected - yuck!!!! Have a few piercings at this stage even though I would love to get my tongue done again I have a fear of it now.
redalertoz Posts: 316
i will admit I had one when I wnt to college but it was the biggest mistake of my life!!!! Just last week I had to have two wisdom teeth pulled as they were cracked from the blasted thing! I highly recommend NOT to get one... p.s I never stuck out my tongue in photos as my dad never knew I had one and had to keep it a secret because he would go ballistic!!!! >:o(