Tonic to take after miscarriage? any recommendations?

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happyout2010 Posts: 38
Hey girls, How are you all? as some of you may remember I miscarried at 5 weeks 3 weeks ago - thank god I feel alot better but probably should start taking a tonic straight but to be honest my head was a bit all over the place the last while and hormones! - but myself and my partner have decided to try again - but I was wondering can any of you lovely ladies recommend a good tonic that I could take and is there any I can take while taking Follic acid? I hope your all keeping well :wv shocked78
redwifey Posts: 2932
I know that after my m/c and subsequent D&C I took pregnancare vitamins - found them very good and as far as I know you can continue to take them once you find out you are pregnant. My doctor also recommended eating loads of iron rich food like meat to build your levels up as you would have lost a bit of blood during the m/c. Best of luck with TTC again.
happyout2010 Posts: 38
Thanks a mill redwifey! I'll definitely give them a try I'm very tired lately which is making me think I should have start taking something a few weeks ago but at the time that was the least of my worries! Thanks again :thnk
newone Posts: 1714
hi there. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. I took floridix - it's a liquid tonic. And I found it really gave me a boost. A midwife recommended it to me at the time. You can just buy it in a pharmacy. hth and best of luck!
happyout2010 Posts: 38
Thanks a mill little angels! I went to the chemist last night and spoke to the pharmacist she told me for energy levels to take Barroca boost and then for hormone levels etc..take evening primrose oil - she also said I could take follic acid while taking both of these. if neither of the above work or give me a boost I'll definitely try the floradix. Thanks again for the advice Shocked78