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hot lips Posts: 453
Hey I need to shift a few pound just wondering does walking help you tone up ? Cant afford to join the gym :o(
popple Posts: 1368
it cant hurt hotlips.... i'd say it would, your legs anyway, you should try and do a light jog too..... i used to jog for a bit then walk then jog all the way around the walk i do at home and i found it great. have joined a gym now so just go there. You could buy some had weights to do at home. i got a pair in lifestyles sports for ten euro. best of luck :wv
lostyank Posts: 15
Walking wil help if you keep a good speed and use some hand/ wrist weights. If you use wrist bit less obviously but need to ensure that you are lifting your arms to your shoulders and kicking them back beyond your butts. If you are trying to tone your calves best thing is when stopped at lights/ street crossing step up and down on you tippy toes. All the best.
twinbride Posts: 278
I bought the book 'buff brides' on the internet. Sounds corny and is a bit, but I really saw a difference in my shape. You can do everything at home, all you need is a ball and weights. Suited me as I didn't have time for the gym. :wv
WinterGal Posts: 835
I can't see that walking would tone you up a great deal. How about trying a fitness dvd? You can do it in your own living room and it doesn't matter if it lashing down outside. I have started back doing my dvd (Nell McAndrews - ultimate challenge). I have done it around 5 times in the last 3 weeks and already I can see an improvement in my arms and stomach. Plus you can buy them in any good Music shop for around 20 Euro or on the net for less. Seemingly Davina McCall's workout DVDs are meant to be good too.