too big boobs!!

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kkwedding Posts: 36
any one any suggestions on any exercises etc for amking the ol girls smaller??!! am a 34 GG and its a nightmare trying to find a wedding dress! x
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
Might not be for you but i had a reduction and it was the best thing ive ever done! And it was not painful at all. PM me if you want any info
BusyDee Posts: 8527
AFAIK there is no excercise to make them smaller or bigger! Sure if there was there would be no need for surgery! From my own experience though I have found with dieting they may shrink a bit and vice versa when I put on weight they got bigger aswell. Me2you Id love to get a reduction - would you mind pm'ing me info where you got it done etc? Thanks!
Flapjack Posts: 308
There's nothing you can do I'm afraid. There is no way to lose weight from just one area of your body. Exercising can tone up muscles, that's all (in fact exercising a particular area too much could make the muscles too big, and make the area bigger) The only way would be to lose weight in general.
poster Posts: 311
Hi there! I'm a 38 G!! Whoppers Galore! My friends all lost their boobs on the ww? I'm not too good on diets, i need to do stuff more so then watch what I eat, I become compulsive and just have to eat then! Anyway, I'm trying the tone and jog route. I've spoken with dh and have agreed if there's no improvement this time next year I'm going to get a reduction done. I have to say I have felt very down over the size of my chest lately. I was out over christmas with work colleagues. I am very self conscious about my chest and would always dress very modestly. I wore what I thought was a very conservative/modest dress, a very high, small v neck style dress, not revealing in any way. Well even wives of my work colleagues were staring at my chest for the night. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened. I wore a cardigan and practically wrapped myself in it for the evening. If someone knows the secret to shrinking these lumps please let me know now!! Starting to feel the weight in my shoulders from the bra straps lately. Why anyone would want to have a boob job to increase their size!!! God love them!! They can have mine for a day!
Akashla Posts: 237
Embrace your boobage! I am a 34G, and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing you can do to hide the fact that you have big boobs. No exercise will shrink them. Minimiser bra's suck, and dressing to hide them makes you look ridiculous. So - i make the most of them! A v-neck here, halter neck there, practically anything that gathers under your boobs (not across them) is a winner. And for people who stare, then a quick "I'm all for appreciating the female form, but there's no need to stare" in an amused tone works wonders, and always gets a few giggles.
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
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milinda Posts: 785
[quote="cupcakebabe":1edh4ypm]Might not be for you but i had a reduction and it was the best thing ive ever done! And it was not painful at all. PM me if you want any info[/quote:1edh4ypm] Pm'd you