too much chocolate??

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shining star Posts: 877
Hi girls, just getting a bit worried here cos thinking about all the cholcolate I'm eating. I'm not too worried from the caffeine side cos I don't drink any tea, very seldom have coke but wondering if it can harm the baby in other ways. I've always had a thing with chocolate where I either avoid it altogether for months or I'll fall off the wagon and eat 1,2 even 3 bars somedays.. (was awful in secondary school- it's like an addiction). At the mo I'm eating at least 1 if not 2 bars most days, I know it's bad.. as soon as I've eaten it I feel bad but then I crave it again, and I can't put it down to pregnancy cravings cos I've always been like this, it's just I'm allowing myself get away with it now.. Suppose I'm looking for a kick in the ass so I'll stop- someone please warn me of the dangers!!
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
[quote="shining star":1jk0xaaa]someone please warn me of the dangers!![/quote:1jk0xaaa] Too much of anything is bad for you nevermind the heavily dependent baby inside you who craves nutrition. I don't know if you saw that documentary in the last 3-4 months about mothers who put on a lot of weight during their pregnancies and ended up having super weight babies (10lbs +). Keep this in mind when you reach for th next chocolate bar. I love my choc too but in moderation. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!
MrsK07 Posts: 454
I think if you are eating excess sugar in your diet you could be open to getting gestational diabeties and this could lead to having a big big baby.
alton Posts: 3077
Oh I totally understand! I'm exactly like that. I gave up all caffeine when I was ttc, and decided to keep going until the 12 week mark. I have no desire for tea or coffee but chocolate is totally different. After reading about gestational diabetes (and being in the at-risk category too) I decided to stay off chocolate for the rest of the pregnancy. If I were eating chocolate I'd be eating 2-3 bars a day at a minimum (I think you sound very restrained), and probably not eating as much nutritious food because I wouldn't be feeling so hungry. I don't actually eat much sweet stuff otherwise - it's just the occasional biscuit or bit of ice-cream, and that's not even everyday. Nothing can replace chocolate for me. My problem is that I still crave it (7 months later) and I just don't dare eat even a little bit because I know I wouldn't have the will power to leave it at that! And given that in my case my sugar consumption will either be ridiculously high (with chocolate) or very low (without) I think staying off the stuff is the right decision for me. I wouldn't dream of telling you that you should do the same - it's entirely a personal thing and if you would find yourself replacing chocolate with other sweet things, then there might be no point. Also if it doesn't affect the rest of your diet, it might not be as bad as it is for me. Could you find a way of cutting back to one bar a day? (I'm an all or nothing addict so I actually find it easier to have none at all than just a small amount. I guess it's about knowing yourself). I have so much respect for people who give up smoking, or hard drugs. I mean, it's only chocolate, but even now I want some! The hardest part is that when people realise that I'm not eating chocolate (I never say anything but DH keeps telling people because he thinks it's great) they insist that I should have some, and then the chocolate biscuits start coming out. "Sure a little bit won't do any harm". True, but could you not just respect my decision and leave me alone? O:|
shining star Posts: 877
thanks so much for replies girls, the thought of a 10lb+ baby is enough to get me to quit I think :eek :ooh I thought I had heard that somewhere that chocolate puts weight on the baby as well as yourself.. Hadn't realised sugar intake was linked to gestational diabetes.. Thanks girls, from today I'll just have to cut it out, because like you Allton it really is all or nothing with me, I have no will power to have a square or anything like that.. I guess I'm lucky in that nothing else sweet would bother me, not gone on biscuits or desserts or anything like that, it's just chocolate so if I give that up I should be ok.. Wish me luck, poor dh, I keep telling him not to let me have anymore and then beg and beg until he goes to the shop to get me some! That stops today! Thank you!
montblanc Posts: 385
:eek :eek i eat more chocolate than you! I was more worried about the caffeine too, but have cut back on tea and coffee so thought the chocolate was fine. I know I shouldn't eat so much sugar, but I love it so much. There's loads of sugar in yoghurt too but no one says to avoid yoghurts, its so hard to know!!
firefly78 Posts: 312
OMG I love chocolate...always have done. I used to keep chocolate in the drawer beside my bed and have a nibble at 4/5am when I was in secondary school. I was good coming up to my wedding in June and did restrict myself but would still need a little bit every day, now with the pregnancy I could eat chocolate all day. I usually have a little mini bar in work and then a half a cadburys caramel in the evenings but there are days when I would have two mini bars and still have my bit or caramel/golden crisp in the evenings, it's just too good to give up. I eat fruit and veg and have a healthy diet otherwise so no-one can take away my chocolate. What all this about gestational diabetes....I'll have to have a read of that now!