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Cassiopeia Posts: 222
Hi girls, Just wondering if you think its too soon to buy a dress at 13 months before the wedding? I've found a sample gown of the exact style I want for a great price, but am hesitating about buying it because everyone is telling me its too soon? On the one hand I'm delighted with such a bargain but on the other hand what if I change my mind? What do you all think? I'm supposed to be paying for it today but I'm having last minute doubts... Feeling totally on edge about it!!! Thanks!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
I ordered my dress 13 months before our wedding - tried it on on two separate occasions and was absolute sure I wouldn't find anything else I loved as much. I can't wait to get it now, it should be in in December. If you really love it then don't be put off by it being "too soon" but it wouldn't hurt to try on some others between now and putting down your deposit just to set your mind at ease.
sherwood Posts: 737
I have my dress ordered since last October and hanging at home since about March of this year. I think if you find the right dress then go with it. It'll be another thing off your "to do" list and if it's "the one" then you'll regret not buying it now.
Cassiopeia Posts: 222
Thanks girls. I do love it. But now the time has come to hand over the cash I'm having a gulp moment!!
onewilldo Posts: 337
I say go with your gut feeling-u dont wanna look back in a few months and regret not buyin it either! Go for it!
MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
Oh I'd definately go for it! If you love it that much, it would be silly not to! And we'd love to see a picture!
Cassiopeia Posts: 222
Well it's done girls!! Will post a picture when I collect it next week!! Stay poised for the update... Thanks for the help! Much appreciated :thnk
bettyd Posts: 31
Ah congrats was just goin to tell you to go for it! :) I ordered mine 13 months ahead and really delighted I did. Because I know what dress I have it makes it easier to plan my flowers and colour scheme and get my shoes and accessories etc. It's also handy budget wise cos I have a good chunk of the dress paid for and I've loads of time to save up for the rest. :)
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Yay, how exciting! Can't wait to see it now!