Too young for Grobag/Sleeping Bag thingie?

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Hi all, I've gotten two presents of those little sleeping bag things that you put them into and they have snap buttons on the shoulders. Just wondering at what stage you can use these? One is 0-3months but not sure if it's safe for a newborn? Thanks, J
Daff Posts: 11644
check the weight guideline on it, some are from 7.5lbs but some are more. I had the 7.5lb ones and put dd's in them from about 4/5 weeks old.
GoldStar Posts: 775
We had our little one in hers from about 2/3 weeks old I think. The one we used had a label on it saying it was suitable from 7/8 lbs (can't remember which) and she was 9lb1oz born. Never used one on DS and wouldn't be without it now for DD. We even brought a light one to Lanzarote in August, and was soooo glad as she wouldn't settle without it!
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
And just on this subject, what do babies where inside the Grobag, as in how do you ensure they are warm enough on top? Cheers, J
Tinytots Posts: 369
For an average room temperature or 18 -20 degrees, dd would wear a short sleeved vest and a babygro under her grobag. If I feel the room is colder or it's a cold night I put on a fleecy babygro. Hth :wv
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Check the weight guidelines on the sleeping bag. We used one from birth on DD1 and from 2/3 wks on the others as soon as they reached the weight limit (7.5lb for mine) It should come with a guide what to wear. 17-20 degrees is a short sleeved vest and a babygro. Hth
strangeangel Posts: 1269
The other thing the Gro company say to check (besides the minimum weight) is whether baby's head can easily slip through the neckhole when the bag is closed. If this is possible they recommend waiting to use them. If this wouldn't be possible once the bag is closed on them, then it's ok.
Anne Boleyn Posts: 709
DD was born abroad & was put into a grobag on her very first night! They use them from birth there.When she came home I put her straight into one too. She was just over 7 & a half pounds. They are the business! I don't know what we'll do when she's too big for them!
Mrs Ellie Posts: 266
i was told by PHN and by the midwife in hospital to use the cellular blankets, why dont they recommend the grobags? I have one bought but wasnt going to use it as I thought i wasnt supposed to..
dion Posts: 986
I used mine from 4 weeks, i felt she did sleep a lot better when i started to use it, however that was in september when it wasn't to cold. Now she's nearly 5 months and i put her in a baby grow, then a sleep suit from Dunnes, as i felt her arms where not always warm in the grow bag.