Tooth Extraction

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Shrub Posts: 956
:wv Have you or anyone you know had a tooth removed? My nerve is infected so i have a choice between root canal or extraction. The tooth is near the back of my mouth and to be honest its more of a filling than tooth :-8 so wont be loosing much of my tooth iykwim I cannot afford root canal, so i am wondering about the adv/disadv of tooth removel?? Thanks Wols :thnk
Ladybird32 Posts: 1216
Hi Shrub I recently had 4 teeth removed! am getting braces on and my teeth are really overcrowded so had to make some room for movement I didnt find it too painful, the worst part for me was the injection they give you to numb the area-but everyones pain threshold is different. To be honest they numb it so well that you shouldnt really feel anything. I've never had a root canal but I have heard it can be quite painful so I think the extraction would be the lesser of 2 evils. HTH! :wv
mad woman Posts: 22106
you will be fine, tbh if your not going ot notice the tooth gone, why pay out so much on root canal, just make sure you are fully numbed!
*gone* Posts: 4785
I had an awful infection in a really bad tooth a few years ago - 4 courses of antibiotics couldn't clear it up! So I just begged the dentist to pull it, even though there was a chance of septicemia (sp) but I didn't give a toss, I just wanted it out!! Because of all the infection, it was loose in the socket so it actually came away really easily (albeit in two seperate parts cos it was so broken!!) The worst thing I found was the gauzy stuff that they put into the wound to prevent infection - it swells up into a pulp to fill up the hole left behind- it tastes like KAK! Could taste it in the back of my mouth for weeks!! :hic
survivor Posts: 2507
I've had all my wisdom teeth pulled under local anesthetic. And I've had root canal on one of my large back molars. The root canal is NOT painful. Its just uncomfortable as each visit to the dentist takes an hour (and you need 4 visits). The tooth pulling was grand too. Just make sure your dentist is superb. If he/she isn't, ask around and get a recommendation. The worst part of the tooth pulling for me was the awkwardness of having stitches in my mouth for 3 weeks. Well annoying.
Shrub Posts: 956
Thanks Guys :thnk
pattie Posts: 2379
Shrub, the root canal can be very dear but you can claim back the tax on it (at 41% if you pay that much tax) at the end of the year. It doesn't hurt, as someone said, it's just a bit uncomfortable as you have to keep your mouth open for about 45 mins or an hour. I got mine done in one visit, that's how they now recommend doing it, and went back after 6 months for an x-ray to check it was all healed. I would think twice about losing a tooth, even a back one. The ones at the back can still affect the shape of your jaw and your bite. I think you will also need a crown on it eventually if you go ahead, so get a quote for that also if you are considering the root canal.
Shrub Posts: 956
Thanks Pattie, i do have a few concerns yes but i was quoted over €800 for the root canal and i just cant afford that at present time. :thnk
pattie Posts: 2379
Would your dentist let you pay it off over a few months? A student friend of mine had to get one last year and the dentist let her pay in instalments. He'll still be getting more than if you choose the extraction so there is something in it for him too. You could probably put the crown (that's if you need one at all) off till next year.
fantac Posts: 4109
hiya - i had 4 wisdom teeth pulled under a local in one afternoon! it was grand, was cr*pping going in and couldnt believ it was so much easier than expected. felt funny for a day or two and ate lots of soup, but otehr than that, all good!