Tooth filling 24 weeks pregnant??

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Natanne Posts: 238
Hi all! just a quick question am getting away with blue murder with symptoms so far but have a toothache... i needed to get fillings done before i got pregnant and left them on the long finger.. now two of my back teeth are hot and sensitive and i think i need to get the fillings done.. has anyone else got a filling while pregnant... is it any problem for the baby and can the dentist numb your mouth :ooh dont think i could cope with the drilling without being numbed!!! thanks a million for any advice! thanks to all who gave me nappy advice im always on asking questions i would be lost without this forum!!!
bonita Posts: 1678
Its ok you can get dental work like fillings done when pregnant. I always thought you couldnt but was bout 24 wks myself & got tooth aches went to dentist got filling and the first part of a root canal she couldnt do the full root canal as its not safe to have an x ray. The anesthetic is only local so no harm to baby
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
im 23w2d and two weeks ago i had two normal fillings and today had to have a silver (mercury) filling removed and replaced with a normal filling. normal fillings are completely safe after 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is the silver one they strongly advise you to avoid where possible- unfortunatley in my case, it wasnt an option seeing how half of it fell out earlier today leaving an exposed hole