tooth lengthening, anybody had it done?

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yankiecandle Posts: 2888
have braces at the moment, before i get them off my orthodontist has suggested having my 2 front teeth lengthened. (have an over bite, this will make it less noticeable) has anybody had this done? are the easy to keep? my front teeth are v similar to pic below. thanks! [img:3tkzv5v8][/img:3tkzv5v8]
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Is this the same as having your gums raised? Getting braces myself and have one tooth on which the gum is lower than others - would love to get it done. Have you any idea how much your ortho will charge for this or is it included in the cost of your treatment?
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
im just getting a bit added on to the bottom of the tooth. my dentist is doing it. not sure of price, getting it done end of sept will let ya know the price then. have to have it done before i get the braces off so the retainers will fit the new teeth.
wah Posts: 1414
would it be like a veneer or crown over your own tooth to lenghten it? If so, its sounds good, the one thing i would say about them is there is no going back once you decide because your own tooth would have to be filed in some way for the veneer/crown to sit on, i have a crown already so there is no going back, just something to ask him maybe so you know exactly what you are getting done and are happy with the procedure as well as the final outcome
La Dolce Vita Posts: 522
I had quite of lot of 'bonding' work done on my teeth before the wedding and it was the best thing i have ever done. My canines were sitting where my laterals should have been and i spent a long time looking for a solution. I did some serious reserach into veneers, had mock ups one etc, but the problem for me was that to even all my teeth out i needed all the veneers to be a certain length and essentially it made my look like a horse!! The teeth were just too big and unatural. I then looked into what's called composite bonding. Essentially each tooth is built up individually using composite resin. The upside is that you're teeth don't have to be shaved down as they do for veneers, the only down side is it doesn't last as long as veneers but is easy to patch up if you need it as the years go by. I spent around 3k plus on the bonding work and whitening and now have a perfet set ot teeth. I can't tell you the difference it has made. If you've any questions, just ask.
summersurprise Posts: 1276
Have 2 crowns myself, teeth lengthening is not the same as crowns, they dont file your own teeth to put the veneer over it, I know someone whos had it done and they were delighted with it, :xxx you just have to be a bit more cautious about eating hard food - apples etc after its been done but it makes a big difference and will look good for your pics if its done right, just make sure that your dentist is well used to doing it and knows what theyre doing and like someone else said that they dont make you look like a horse by making them too long! :-8
neemo Posts: 85
I had it done and would really recommend it. One of my front teeth is a root implant that i had to get replaced and it turned out that my "natural" gum line was higher for that tooth than the others. The more graphic description is getting your gums cut but they seem to have changed terminology to make it sound less horror flick like! I had it done before about 10 years ago but practices had updated so much this time around it was fine and I ended up having about 8 teeth done in total and with stitches for a week - a bit uncomfortable but wouldnt let it put you off. I'm had a complete dentist phiobia from my past experiences but am now reformed!!! Feel free to pm if you want the destists name etc cant recommend them highly enough. Cost about €1k in total. Good luck!