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Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Ladies i went to the dentist today because my teeth were sensitive she ended up pulling one of my wisdom teeth because she said it was ''just getting in the way''. Ive never had a filling in my life and when she pulled the tooth she said it was perfect. It took her 45min to pull the tooth out :o( :o( :o( Dh is ragin that they pulled it when it wasnt necessary, now i have a huge painful hole in my gum and i cant take anything for it. I thought it wasnt safe to give a local anesthetic (sp) when your pregnant. Does anyone know? poor me im starving and cant even eat anything :o( :o( :o(
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Girls can anyone tell me what to take. Im in absolute agony. I cant stop crying the pain is just awful.
sineaaad Posts: 402
U poor thing. As far as I know u can take paracetamol. Mind yourself, Sinead
mumof2 Posts: 3864
There might be something stronger you can take but not sure. When I had headaches the GP said paracetamol was fine to take
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
i have seen pregnant women get brufen i think 400mg 8 hourly in work. but of course you would have to check with doc before taking anything stronger than paracetamol.
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
Paracetomol is ok to take. You poor thing thats terrible
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
ladies its 3.45am and im still lying on the couch in agony. Ive taken some panadol extra 4hrs ago and it only took the edge of for about an hour. Im just shattered but i cant sleep. Feel like a train has hit the side of my face. Cant believe ive come out of the dentist with a pain and went in with nothing. Think ill go in to see her again in the morning - maybe she will need the dentist when im finished >:o( >:o( >:o(
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi mummy06, I had this done just before I was pregnant and was allowed painkillers and I found it terrible so I feel for you. You are allowed to take a panadol for the pain (perhaps ring your doctor as well to confirm). I am surprised about the local anesthetic - did she know you were pregnant? I think ring your doctor - mention the local and ask about taking panadol now - he or she will put your mind at rest. sg
buzzbride Posts: 33
Mummy06, it is perfectly safe to have the regular local anaesthetic during pregnancy. Having a tooth out is always very painful afterwards, feel sorry for you if you are only able to take paracetamol, hopefully you'll be better in a few days :lvs
LilyBlue Posts: 279
Incase you are still sore, I had an apsis and it was really really sore. I rang the hospital at 2am and the midwife said I could take Solpadeine. If you are still in pain and want to take something, ring your hospital and confirm what is safe. Hope you are feeling ok soon x