Tooth whitening

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cp2010 Posts: 32
Can anyone recommend a good toothpaste that is good for whitening teeth. :)
Jawl Posts: 8881
I bought pearl drops last week during my Tesco shop, just to see what it's like. Will let you know how I go.
MJR Posts: 387
not sure if you can get a really good one, I got one before its a green powder good for lifting stains, its in a little tub cant remember what its called, it lasted ages.. You can also get those self bleeching kits they can hurt your gums though.. I cant have my teeth bleeched because I have veneers but I bought it for my fiance for xams it was an offer at the below place ... 166&ref=ts it lifted his teeth 3 shades was good but not absolutely brilliant but I only paid €50 so was well worth the money. it depends on how naturally white your teeth are... Pearl drops is ok to I have tried them all because I cant bleech my teeth, the pearl drops you paint on your teeth is useless dont waste your money its like shiney nail varnish and kills your gums if u hit of them
soontobmrsT Posts: 96
Hi, If you know anyone travelling to the states ask them to get you Crest Whitening Strips, they use the same stuff as professional whitening in the dentist and ony like $30. If not you can get them on ebay :)