Toothache remedies

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Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Girls, my teeth have really suffered this pregnancy. So far I've had an abscess, root canal and a filling. I've had a toothache on and off for the past week. I went to dentist yesterday and she had a look but couldn't see anything really wrong. I do have a wisdom tooth coming down and she thinks it might be pushing the tooth below it, causing me pain. She didn't want to do anything drastic at this stage because the pain isn't as severe as I've usually had and a paracetamol usually works. I don't want to take a paracetamol every day for the next 10wks or whatever so does anyone have other remedies that I can use. I tried DD's teething gel but it didn't really work. The thoughts of needing more work done on my teeth before the baby comes is so depressing. I hate taking any medication and I've taken more (paracetamol, antibiotic, anaesthetic x 4) in the last 4mths than I have in the last year :o( :eek
Mrs Big Posts: 919
Rub a little bit of Whiskey onto it it will numb it for you. A small bit wont do any harm its not like you will be drinking it!
Momma Posts: 427
Clove Oil is the best remedy I've ever used for my teeth which are not great. Its available in most pharmacies and easy to use and very effective. Just ask the pharmacist if its ok to take while pregnant but I'm sure its fine. It has natural antiseptic properties so be careful of your tongue as its not a pretty site if your tongue is swolen
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I'm just updating this for anyone that does a search in the future. Clove Oil is not suitable for use during pregnancy :o( I was told the only thing I can take for the pain is paracetamol. Going to google clove oil and find out why.
Momma Posts: 427
Really sorry to hear that cause there is nothing worse than a toothache O:| - actually well maybe labour is worse :) No idea why its not safe - Hope you it sorted soon
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Touch wood it seems to have gone away today...but it's been like that all week. Really bad one day, gone the next, back again the next :o(
ozypozy Posts: 2950
I was going to suggest Toothache Tincture but there's cloves in it so maybe that's out too. Hope it gets better soon!
Salander Posts: 1639
Check with pharmasist if you can use Corsodyl mouthwash or Oraldine - I have used them both after dental surgery - they don't taste great but are antibacterial and really do help with swelling, mouth ulcers etc. I think Corsodyl brought out a new milder version this week. if they are safe to use I am going to get some as my gums are starting to bleed a bit when i wash my teeth.
tanyababy. Posts: 511
rocket queen- have you ever had an extraction during pregnancy? I have a really bad tootache that I cannot bear any longer so looking into the possibility of going to dentist. Is anistetic they give you safe? thanks
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Tanya go to the dentist. The anaesthetic is fine to give during pregnancy - I've had 4 (I think). I haven't had an extraction but I've had a filling and root canal. The only thing you can't get is an xray.