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Always hoping Posts: 784
Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knew of a website that had the top names for recent years. I have a book but it only lists the most popular for 2003. I'd like to know the most recent top 10 so as I can avoid them!!! I don't want my little one to be one of 3 with the same name in his/her class if possible! :wv
twinklegirl Posts: 716
This might help Sean and Sarah have been revealed as the most popular baby names in Ireland last year. Figures from the CSO today show that just under 1,000 boys were named Sean last year, with Jack, Conor, Adam and James making up the top-five. Almost 700 girls were named Sarah, followed by Emma, Katie, Aoife and Sophie in the popularity stakes. The top five boys' names have all been the same since 1998, with only their order changing from year to year. Emma, Sarah and Aoife have been in the top five girls' names for the same length of time. Elsewhere, two new boys name - Senan and Tristan - are in the top 100 for the first time this year, with Cameron, Calum and Rory also increasing in popularity. There were three first-time entries in the top-100 for girls - Aoibheann, Aoibinnn and Jasmine.
Always hoping Posts: 784
I'm impressed twinklegirl! Thank you so much! I was hoping Jack had lost some popularity. No such luck! No mention of my girls name though!!! :wv
twinklegirl Posts: 716
So Tristan isnt a name you were thinking of lol
Always hoping Posts: 784
Well it hasn't been mentioned yet!!! I'll say it to hubby though! I could cope with a name from the top 100 - I'm a bit reluctant to go with the top 5. Hubby likes Jack - as do I. I've been trying to convince him that Zack is almost like Jack - only not a popular!!! He doesn't seem to be taking the bait though :o0
sinion Posts: 6050
latest I could find was from 2006 [url:2uf322xb][/url:2uf322xb]
under construction Posts: 3458
Must not be updated yet but this is what i found Top 25 Babies' Names for Boys. Boy's Name 2006 Number 2005 Number Sean 1st 994 2nd 893 Jack 2nd 987 1st 931 Conor 3rd 731 4th 705 Adam 4th 693 3rd 710 James 5th 678 5th 699 Daniel 6th 636 6th 654 Luke 7th 536 8th 544 Cian 8th 520 7th 561 Michael 9th 509 10th 484 Jamie 10th 494 13th 408 Aaron 11th 488 9th 488 Dylan 12th 456 11th 467 Thomas 13th 432 16th 397 Ryan 14th 431 12th 432 Darragh 15th 429 20th 377 Oisin 16th 413 21st 370 Matthew 17th 395 19th 379 John 18th 394 17th 386 Patrick 19th 392 18th 381 Ben 20th 385 14th 401 David 21st 383 14th 401 Callum 22nd 368 34th 216 Alex 23rd 367 24th 336 Shane 24th366 23rd 355 Evan 25th 364 25th 324 Top 25 Babies' Names for Girls. Girls's Name 2006 Number 2005 Number Sarah 1st 698 2nd 642 Emma 2nd 593 1st 703 Katie 3rd 571 3rd 575 Aoife 4th 546 5th 492 Sophie 5th 497 7th 451 Ava 6th 463 18th 339 Grace 7th 450 14th 369 Ella 8th 447 10th 405 Leah 9th 444 9th 427 Ciara 10th 408 6th 484 Amy 11th 396 4th 510 Emily 12th 396 11th 385 Lucy 13th 390 24th 275 Chloe 14th 375 8th 440 Caoimhe 15th 363 17th 345 Hannah 16th 357 16th 350 Rachel 17th 355 12th 381 Niamh 18th 350 13th 375 Rebecca 19th 324 15th 353 Jessica 20th 322 20th 311 Anna 21st 320 21st 290 Lauren 22nd 320 19th 319 Kate 23rd 307 22nd 284 Laura 24th 248 28th 231 Mia 25th 235 33rd 192
roxychick Posts: 1802
Try the VHI website. Think they have an up to date one