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kelsar Posts: 690
Just wondering if there is a limit for the top table. mine now stands at 16. H2B has already asked 2 people to do groomsmen but couldnt decide between his 2 brothers which one to ask to do Bestman. Has now opted to ask 1 to do BM and other to do GM. so now I have four Bridesmaids. so much for our small wedding. :o)ll :o)ll
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Depends on your hotel. Was at a wedding recently and there was 15 at the top table. If its a problem with the hotel just have the best man and chief sitting at the top table
kelsar Posts: 690
Oh God I hope there isnt a problem, would have to have to relegate some of the bridal party to a different table.
Kop Mama Posts: 804
I also am going to have this problem. We are going to have 14 at top table. Top table in our hotel holds up to 12 so they are going to add a small table and join it on the end to fit extra 2 on. I wouldnt like to make gm or bridesmaids sit at the regular tables. I want them to feel special too. IYKWIM?
jen4 Posts: 566
I have 5 bms (long story) and h2b has 5 groomsmen, so we're just going to have the best man, and 2 of the bms (my sister and his sister) at the top table. We'll have another table for the rest of the bms and groomsmen beside the top table. I've said this to the bms and they actually seem happier with this arrangement, they'll be able to relax a bit more.
corkgirl08 Posts: 175
We have the same problem - with the shape of the room we can't comfortably fit all 14 of us at the top table so only having the BM and CBM on the top table. the others are delighted with this as they can sit with their partners who won't know a lot of the other guests and all their friends.
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
Your best bet is to contact your hotel to find out how many people they can accommodate at the top table as it can vary from hotel to hotel
aug08grainne Posts: 151
yes would agree with the pp contact your hotel, our hotel will only allow 9 on the top table
poshrosh Posts: 223
you dont have to have them all at the top table, we had 3 groomsmen who sat at another table in front of the top table with their partners and the partners of the groomsmen and bridesmaids and they had the best craic!
bride2be2009 Posts: 175
We where thinking of not having a top table. H2B gets really nervous and feels uncomfortable with the idea of everyone looking at you eating your dinner... and I kinda want to be in the middle of all the chat and fun at the dinner instead of looking at it. so think we are going to go for a table in the middle of the room and everyones tables steming from this then...