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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi, Just wondeirng what ye all think of not having a top table. I was at the reception venue last week and it was set up for a wedding. I thought the top table was so far away from everyone else and also it dawned on me that the only people really near me will be my dear groom and bm I think. I was thinking of having a round table in the centre of the room and be closer to guests. WHat do ye think? Also we have three sets of parents(h2b's parents are divorced) and because of this we thought it mite be easier if its a round table we can all talk to each other because with long tables thats not as possible. and people can sit where they want. Dont know what to do??? :wv
NowGone Posts: 8042
I;ve seen it done before and I think it's quite a nice idea. There's no reason not to do it.
Betsy May Posts: 2168
We're having a round table (but with place cards) - it will be us, the bridal party, the parents and the priest and assume it will be right in the middle. I don't like top tables as you are completely limited to the people on either side of you and the people on the end get a bit of a raw deal. There are still a lot of top tables about but I have seen more and more round tables being used over the last couple of years. If it works better for your family set-up, do it.
dreamer Posts: 3941
We aren't having a top table either. Now, ours is a small wedding so I'd imagine it won't look too bizarre. But if I was having a 100+ wedding, I wouldn't have a top table either. They make me uncomfortable. Plus, I'd like to be in the midst of things!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
thanks gals thats what I was thinking. My mother seems to think I will have my back (!) to certain guests and this mite be viewed as rude!!!! I dont know where she gets these notions :o0 I was thinking of having parents priests ad bridal party too but some of bridal arty are married and am wondering do their other halves sit at other tables/?
Betsy May Posts: 2168
I am putting the other halves at another table - fortunately they're all family and know each other.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
OMG I just realised I will have sixteen people sitting at the top table. Me, DH, 3 BMs, 3 GM's, 6 parents and 2 priests. Is this way too much? :eek
Betsy May Posts: 2168
Emmm, yes. I think it is. If you have a round, you'll have trouble getting a table big enough (most hotels only carry 5ft or 6ft rounds good for 10 or max 12 people). Perhaps just keep the Best Man and MOH with you or else put two of the step parents and one of the priests on another table.
papillon Posts: 1305
I'm usually not a fan of the top table but I really liked the way it looked in Kilkea. It's set in a sort of semi circle which seems very open and with the suit of armour and the open brick wall behind us it all looks very medieval banquet! so I'm happy to have the top table
looey Posts: 624
I think it sounds like a wonderful idea, might see can I do the same. I totally agree that it will make for an easier time at the reception. Being in the centure of the room also means that guests can come up and congratulate you easily..... I love the ldea.. Go for it!