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cremebrulee Posts: 8546
We'll probably go with a round table too... don't like the thought of being on show to everyone! It gives people at the table a chance to talk to everyone. I've seen it before at a wedding and it looked fine.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
maybe i could just have chief bm and best man and one priest. all parents have to sit at top table as its a prob area iykwim. then it would only be 12. i just hope the bms and gms wont be insulted
Moncai Posts: 364
Not having a top table either but for those of you who are doing the same be cautious about putting ur tables in the middle as this will be awkward for the speeches, inevitably ul have ur back turned on some of the guests. We're putting a round table in one corner or on the edge anyways so that the speech makers can face the guests iykwim.
barley Posts: 858
I don't like top tables either but also don't want to be in the middle of the room with my back to anyone as my neck would be in rag order after an hour or so of looking back to see what's going on behind me. My H2B was at a traditional wedding in a small town in Italy 2 years ago and the way they had it was the bride and groom sat at a small table alone with all the other tables in front and at the sides of them but not behind. During the 10 course meal, different guests from the wedding came to the bride and grooms table for a chat and then went back to their own tables. I know from other weddings it can be very intimidating heading towards the top table to say hi or have a chat because of the way the table is laid out and every can see you iykwim. H2B wants us to try the same thing as they did in Italy but I would prefer to have others to chat to throughout the meal so that's a no no. I think if we had a round table with us on the outside of it and have all the other tables surrounding the sides and front of it but not behind, it might work, will have to look at it on paper. We have 13 in our bridal party and we also have 3 children, one of whom will be at the top table and I'm sure the other 2 will want to sit with us too so we have to try and accomodate them in some way. I like the idea of maybe having just the bride, groom, parents and priest at the top table, leaving the GM and BMs to sit with their other halves. I'm not sure at all, would love to see some floor plans and have a few trial runs but that's not going to happen....
Trillian Posts: 1685
I hate the idea, but can live with my venue's solution. We have a U shaped table facing the room, and I've asked them not to put it on a podium as they normally do. It will just be us, 4 parents and one BM and best man.
bangel Posts: 2285
We're having a round table, probably in the middle of the room. It's only 2 tables deep IYKWIM so only half the table will have their back to people. If we're over (i.e if the rector and his wife come) we might be having a table for two at the top, so me and H2b can eat together.
mrssirfoxie Posts: 379
Mine is a small wedding party of just 25 and the tables are going to be set out in asquare shape so that we will all be facing each other
CinnamonGirl Posts: 140
I'm doing a round top table i.e. a round table at the top of the room. We will sit at the back of it facing the room with parents etc around it. That way our back isn't to anyone and we can talk freely to everyone at the table.